They Neither Toil Nor Spin! — 16 Comments

  1. Plants cringe when they see me coming because they know if they go home with me that they will be
    in a death spiral !! My sister, who has an fabulous green thumb, wouldn’t even let me go near
    her plants even to admire them!!

  2. My own recent forage in the garden left me filled with joy and immense satisfaction– all from a handful of lovely plants, now nestled in pots and gracing my front porch. Hopefully our “green thumbs” will continue to give us something to smile about as well as bless those we love!

  3. I love this, Karen. I know how much Charles loved the garden and planting, so it’s probably bittersweet for you. Planting reminds you of how much you miss him, but it also can remind you of how much joy and beauty he brought to your life. I am not a gardener, but totally enjoy the garden and have always thought of flowers of little “God smiles.” Thank you for the reminder to always enjoy God’s glory reflected in the flowers. love, Heidi

    • Thank you, Heidi. I have a plaque in my garden that says, “The Best Place to Find God is in a Garden.” That says it for me!

  4. I feel the closest to the Lord in my garden! This is where He speaks to me the most…. I love how He lets me be a part of His plan. While I can’t paint, and my drawings are sad, I can landscape! I often go out to garden for an hour and find that four have passed! Thanks for sharing this — Emily Dickinson had it right!

    • Thanks, Patti. Isn’t it fun to know that Emily had the same thoughts we have about the garden long before you and I were born?

  5. Your plants are beautiful! My mother had a “green thumb” and Dad said he took a shovel in the trunk of the car every time they were going out in the country because if Mom saw a pretty ‘wild flower’ on the side of the road she made him stop, dig it up and then when they got home he had to find ‘something to dig up and throw away to find a place to put the weed’! Of course he was just teasing mom and she knew it. He loved the plants and flowers as much as she did and even in his late 80’s he still had a big garden with strawberries, corn, green beans, potato’s etc. >When I married Herb he said my job was to water the plants that were hanging around the swimming pool as he took care of all the plants, etc. in the yard, and I told him I would ‘kill them’ and sure enough when he stopped watering them they died! I love to look at them but never was good at growing them but I sure could make a beautiful bouquet each day with the fresh hibiscus blossoms he brought to me each day from our beautiful yard! HE had a green thumb and our yard was like a garden!
    We have two beautiful orchid plants that I see each day beside our pool, one white and one orchid. Just so amazing how they grow so beautiful on such a tiny stem! God sure does give us a lot of beauty and it is “FREE” but thank God for people like you who can help Him take care of His beauty!
    Love the pictures! Love you too! Margaret

    • A lovely story about your parents and their flowers. Such tender memories. Thanks for appreciating what I share. Love you too, Margaret.

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