A few years ago my husband and I were browsing a gift shop in Cambria, California, our favorite getaway spot during our marriage. We had just had a simple misunderstanding that morning about something I’ve totally forgotten now but at the time it seemed important to both of us.

As we walked through the store we both noticed this little wooden plaque at the same time. We looked at one another and nodded, as if to say, “We need that. Let’s buy it.” And so we did and it’s been sitting on a side table in our dining room ever since. It didn’t take long for us to redo our “We do’s” and keep them going from that time on.

Today, while walking from the dining room to the kitchen I stopped and read the words again from top to bottom. My favorite we do is “We do love” followed by “We do grace” and “We do I’m sorrys.”

For me it’s “We do love” and “We do grace” that can lead to “We do I’m sorrys.” And how glad I am that we lived by these phrases all during Charles’ final months when we both needed love and grace and forgiveness to get through the challenge of saying good-bye to one another after 35 years.

Now when I look at the plaque I no longer weep or feel guilty or even sad. I just feel grateful for this simple reminder of what “I want and must do,” regardless of what anyone else does.

But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

(1 Corinthians 15:57)




We Do Love and a Whole Bunch of Other Stuff — 20 Comments

  1. So nice to hear from you, Joe. I miss our connection at MH. I hope all is well with you, your writing, your teaching, and of course your family. đŸ™‚

  2. Today’s blog post is a great reminder about the important things in life, and how easy it is to overlook them. Love it. The plaque would be great wedding gift to newlyweds.

    • Thanks for your comment, John. It’s so nice to hear from you. I agree that the plaque would be a great gift for newlyweds–and ‘oldlyweds’ too!

  3. Dear Karen, this precious little wooden plaque is like a string of shining pearls, pearls of wisdom in living. What an accomplishment of life! Thank you for sharing your beautiful story. I enjoyed reading it as always. Jing

  4. Love it, Karen! So glad you and Charles bought that little plaque so that you could share it—and the story behind it—with us. It’s amazing what God can use to bring us closer to each other.

  5. Beautiful story and plaque. Wonderful reminders that life with our loved ones is a bit messy and in need of grace, quick forgiveness . . . and more hugs.

    • Absolutely, Jan. We all have our issues but we can mend our relationships with love, forgiveness, and hugs.

  6. Karen, I love that plaque! Isn’t it funny how we can be so upset and then we cannot remember “why” ? I do remember during my first marriage I would get upset with my husband and go sleep the rest of the night on the couch!! makes me laugh now and of course I have no idea what would get me upset??? With my wonderful ‘Herb’ I never slept on the couch!! I did get upset with him one time that I remember. We had some water damage that required new carpet in a couple of rooms,painting the woodwork, etc. and the floor in the guest bedroom was so wet we could not put anything on the floor in the closet. I was painting woodwork in the living room when I saw him coming in the room going toward the bedroom and he had a very dirty plank and was going to put it in the closet floor so we could set a few things on it. The board actually had mud on it!! I asked him to please don’t put that dirty board in the closet, take it outside!! He just kept on walking toward the bedroom, I asked him three more times and he would not listen so ti YELLED : Take that thing out of here!! He just turned around, got to the kitchen door ( by that time I was already crying because I yelled at him) he stopped and simply said: “Well, I can say one thing, there is nothing wrong with your vocal chords!” Of course we made up immediately after my heartfelt apology!! I just HAD to share this story with you!
    I am not a ” yeller” and it really did upset me~guess th at is why I still remember it. In a way it really is funny!
    (sorry I am late with my comment but I spent about two hours in the dentist chair yesterday-nothing serious just time and ‘money’!!
    Love and thanks for another great one!!

    • Thanks, Margaret. I enjoyed your little story of getting upset. We all have our soft spots! I’m glad to hear your dental appointment was routine–nothing serious.

  7. Karen I love to hear the stories you share about you and Charles. When Bob was able, we would go looking in quaint places. He always went for the books first. He liked to read and study. So he brought about 200 or more of Harry’s books home to study and now that he is in the N.H. I have to go thru all them. Most were donated to a charity. I kelp a few that I knew were Harry’s favorite. Karen I enjoy your blogs.

    • Thank you for following my blog, Mary. I’m so happy we found each other through the Flowers family.

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