The Pause that Refreshes — 20 Comments

  1. Love this. Good advice for all to hear. Much like Val’s sermon this weekend— the warning to say too much, confuse and hurt– messes we just have to clean up later. Better to “pause, refresh and carry on” as you advise! love, Heidi

  2. Great post, Karen, and a timely one. We all need to step back, click on the “mute” button occasionally so we can think more clearly about life’s blessings. Happy, healthy New Year to you.

  3. Great slogan, Karen, and seeing it linked with the young woman holding coke makes if feel like a joy.
    I don’t have to bite my tongue, but give myself a refreshing pause.

  4. Very good thought and one I need to remember. I have a photo of a beautiful tree with the verse of scripture that James quoted: “Be still and know that I am God” and it is one of my favorites. Another one is one I have to remember often but cannot right now remember where to find it but the verse is simply; “Judge not lest ye be judged” KJV of course! I have to admit that I really have a problem with the way people, both young and old, wear jeans with the holes, torn places, etc., etc., on the legs and remember when my son was wearing jeans to school and one of my friends said she died her sons jeans when they got faded!I realize I am “old” (that’s am understatement)but when I see them I think: “REALLY–do you think they look ‘great’?” Some of the sweetest ‘kids’ and the best kids wear what I think looks terrible but I love them and they are good kids~it is just the style, but I sure do not let them know how I feel! So glad I have a lot of young friends who confide in me! Enough said!
    Thanks for helping us to “pause and think”-especially before we express our opinion. I would not dare let them know! BIG smile!
    Another Happy New Year! margaret

  5. Karen, I am trying to pause too! Often, I need to keep my opinion to myself and do! This has helped me have a better relationship with people. Thanks for reminding us that, we are so very much alike in this world.

    • Thanks, Mary. I agree that pausing before we speak can actually improve our relationships with everyone in our lives. When we are still we can know that God is with us and will guide our every word.

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