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As you read this post I am cruising the Blue Danube with my daughter Julie as my travel mate and with many other folks associated with Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center, the sponsor for this trip though Grand Circle Travel. I’ll have photos and comments to share when I return.

This destination has been on my ‘bucket list’ for some time. It is one my husband Charles would have loved so I will enjoy the sights and sounds as I remember him and the many cruises we enjoyed together when he was still here.

The word ‘cruise’ is often used in our culture to indicate an easy, relaxed pace whether on vacation or even in everyday circumstances. It has become a favorite of mine, especially when I feel stress. I stop, breathe, and remind myself to ‘cruise,’ that everything will work out if I just do what I can and avoid trying to do what I can’t!

Happy cruising, everyone!!

“Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.”

Mark 6:31






The Beautiful Blue Danube — 18 Comments

    • I’ve posted some photos on my FB page and hope you’ll visit. Click on my webiste where it says Find me on Facebook and it will take you right there. We had a FABULOUS time.

    • Thanks, Janet. I arrived home last night and am filled with happy memories and fatigue!!

    • Thanks, Lynn. I’ve posted some photos on my FB page and hope you’ll visit. Click on my webiste where it says Find me on Facebook and it will take you right there.

  1. What a wonderful trip you are having. Thank you for the reminder that even if we are not on a cruise, we can intentionally stop, breathe, and cruise any day. Love that!

    • Thanks, Jan. I returned last night, filled with happy memories and new insights.

  2. What a wonderful trip and to be with your daughter to share all the beauty! I hope you will enjoy every minute of this special time together. It is wonderful that you and Charles had wonderful trips and ‘cruises’
    and you have those wonderful memories. I look forward to the pictures you will send!!
    Love to you and your daughter too!!

    • Many thanks, Margaret. I’ll be posting photos on Facebook (some are already there) and I’ll be sharing insights in my blog.

  3. You’re word “cruise” like cruising in a car reminds me of Psalms 46:10, be still and know I am God. Allow down, focus on Christ and know that He is God. I pray that you have a great time Karen.

    • Thanks, Jim. It was a spectacular trip in every way–spiritually, emotionally and intellectually. I learned so much about the Eastern European bloc and all that the residents suffered during WWII and the Communist regime. I salute these brave people who are still repairing their cities and reclaiming their culture.

  4. Thanks, dear Karen, for defining the word “cruise,” I appreciated the learning every time I read your seem-to-be-simple-but-profound exquisite writing. And my heart felt peace and tranquility by Mark 6:31. Enjoy your wonderful cruise. Jing

    • Hi Jing. Thanks for your kind words. On my way home last night I met a woman from China who came to the United States to earn her Ph.D. in library science. She teaches at San Jose State. Such an interesting person. I thought of you. She too, appreciates living in the US.

  5. I look forward to hearing more about the “cruise”. Pictures would be nice too. So wonderful that you got to do this with your daughter. Gift of a lifetime I would say. God Bless you !!!

    • Thanks, Etta Mae. We had a grand time. There are some photos on my FB page and my daughter will post more, as I will, after I recover from jetlag! It was a profound experience spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally as I learned more about the Eastern European bloc and their suffering during the Communist era. Such wonderful people, proud of their cultures and eager to share their recovery and history with visitors.

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