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  1. Thank you for the eye-opening reminder Karen. Sorry for the loss of your neighbor.

    With Heartfelt Sympathy, BRC

  2. Great reminder, Karen, to check in with the casual friends we don’t see much and ask about them. We never know unless we ask and share what’s going on with ourselves too. Just Saturday, I learned that the young man who happily bought my mother’s house after she died 2 years ago, dropped dead of a heart attack at 43-years-old. His wife had just lost twin boys the previous month which they had conceived by in Vitro. Now, her whole family is gone. Comfort those you know need love in their grief and reach out to those still here with a smile and a hug. Thanks, Karen.

    • Oh Heidi, what shocking news. I remember you telling me about this young family moving into your mom’s house after she passed. What a heartbreaker.

  3. This is sad and the reality of these things happening is sad. I am glad you stopped to see what was going on! I am sure you said comforting words to those with whom you spoke and hopefully they will be at peace making decisions.
    Thanks for sharing and reminding us how important it is to stay in touch with our neighbors even tho they may live “around the block”. May comfort and peach be with the family and also with you!
    Love, Margaret

    • Thank you, Margaret. I exchanged just a few words with Pat’s sister but the woman said she appreciated hearing them since she had flown here from Virginia and didn’t know any of Pat’s neighbors.

  4. It’s nice to live in neighborhoods where we can interact with our neighbors. In some urban areas that doesn’t happen much.

    • So true, Janet. I have always preferred small towns where people are close to one another. But from what happened in my neighborhood I realize that even in a tight-knit community, we can sometimes lose sight of each other.

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