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  1. I really like the list of “6 yes I can”. My priority is to finish my book before it is time for me to leave “planet Earth”! Here I am 89 years old and still have a couple of chapters to go! My problem is “lack of motivation” !! My sweet Husband was my motivator but now I can always find something else I had rather do and usually it is to read a good book! BIG smile!! It is a good thing the book is for my family and close friends and not really to be a “Beat Seller” (really big smile).
    Actually,my priority is “people” and I do like to keep up with my correspondence but even that gets pushed aside sometimes. Just so very thankful I can just ‘keep on, keeping on’ with lots of prayers for our long list at church and many friends. (I hope this comment makes sense!) Thanks for the great blog!

    • Your comments always make sense, Margaret, and I’m just happy to hear you are ‘keeping on.’ It’s not always easy, and yes, writing is hard work and takes time and concentration, but I hope you will finish your book for your family. What a gift it will be.

  2. Thanks Karen. I needed this. Difficult for me to stay positive when I am feeling negative about unfair comments about my BEing in this reality by my daughter! I know she is kind, generous and very intelligent and caring but somehow even now when she is in early fifties and me in early seventies it hurts and I withdraw! She probably is unaware of the effects her words have!! Have learned much about my own psychology and yet difficult to stay in that loving constant knowing that all is well and in order! SO … Thank you dear friend. I will move forward with a renewed faith that I can be constant in my faith and openness to what is offered in each and every moment including all that family stuff!! YES to God ….. and to knowing that HE is here! I know this.
    Blessings and Love are flowing to you as we end this year of many changes and challenges. Blessings are sent to all your dear readers and family and friends by me and the dear Lord.

    • Thank you, Kathleen. I hear what you’re saying and I feel what you’re feeling. I think our ‘mother hearts’ are prone to hurt as well as love. It’s not easy to remain ‘above it all,’ and maybe we shouldn’t. Maybe it really is best to remain true to ourselves and our emotions and reflect on what part is ours and what part is theirs and then to ‘let go and let God.’ Easier said than done, sometimes. I love you, my friend.

    • Thanks, Sherry. That is always a priority for me too. In every situation there is reason to be grateful. I agree with you.

  3. I love your list. Holidays can be stressful if we don’t focus on what is most important. God has given us so much to be thankful for and to celebrate. I love the verse that say “Lo I am with you always” How much better can it be than that?

    • Thanks, Etta Mae. What a beautiful verse you shared. I agree. Nothing can be better than that.

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