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  1. This sounds delicious!! I love pie of all kinds!! Herb and I were so fortunate as we had many fruit trees in our yard and oh the great pies I made out of fresh lemons, key limes, coconut, banana puddings. We also had star fruit,grapefruit and ponderosa lemons which were as large as grapefruit! My husband “spoiled” one of our long time friends every year when they came for a weeks visit by going out early each morning, picking oranges, juicing them and handing Smitty a fresh glass of orange juice!
    Peaches are one of my favorite fruits but we did not have peach trees. We took advantage of going thru “peach country” in Georgia each year and buying them by the bushels. One man was such a help and told us how we should select out peaches to be able to keep them fresh for a longer period of time. I would slice the peaches cover them with sugar, freeze them and when we wanted a pie or cobbler there was not much to do to prepare them for pie or cobbler’s. Unfortunately we do not have access to peach trees where I live but we watch for them at the grocery!! Delicious!
    Thanks for making my “mouth water” SMILE ! Eat a slice for me!! Margaret

  2. Thanks, Margaret. I’d love to have a peach tree but then I’m not much of a gardener to that extent. So I just wait for peach season and then indulge my passion (with whipped cream on top). Your fruit trees with Herb sound wonderful. Nothing like an orange or a lemon from a healthy tree.

  3. You made my mouth water! Tomorrow is my birthday so I hope to have cherry pie ala made or another luscious dessert!

  4. Sounds so good Karen! I would love to join you the next time .
    How about we plan to meet sometime soon whenever your available and we can share coffee and peach pie like the one you
    ordered. The works!!
    Love you Karen
    Janet Wolke

    • Hi Janet. I imagine Applebee’s has peach pie this time of year. I’ll check and let you know. 🙂 The one I referred to was some years ago and I don’t recall the cafe.

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