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Thanks to all who responded last week to my blog on pick-up lines. I’m swimming in advice, suggestions, stories, and your experiences. I had so much fun reading all that you shared. I intended my post to be playful but when I reread it, I see that it might have come across a bit too serious and maybe even arrogant. After all the man I referred to simply asked me a question. He didn’t invite me out for coffee! This week I saw him in class again and we exchanged hellos and smiles. I was relieved. Maybe he was too. 🙂

My exchanges with each of you got me thinking about the many wonderful men in my life and how much I appreciate them–especially now that my husband is gone. I salute each one for his friendship, help with tasks, good humor, advice when needed, and conversation.

Don trimmed our roses last spring when Charles could no longer garden.

Steve is ready to paint, fix a faucet, or install an appliance when needed.

Tom keeps my lawn and shrubs in perfect shape.

Mike brought me dinners when things were tough those first few months. He’s the cook in his family.

Bruce, my son-in-law,  keeps my car humming.

Wayne has a joke ready to share whenever I run into him.

Terry is my friend in the world of publishing.

Rene and Mark preach the perfect sermons on Sundays to keep me going all week long.

Alan is my exercise coach. I stay in shape because of his Senior Circuit classes at the gym.

Joe and Bill see after my finances and taxes.

Another Bruce is my line dancing teacher.

And of course, there are my brother Kevin and my son Jim, especially dear to me  and always ready to help.

There are so many more amazing males in my life, I can’t list them all here. I realize as I count these blessings that I am rich in relationships of both genders.

I miss my number one man–Charles–but there are plenty of good guys out there to encourage and support me. I need to focus on what I have and not worry about what might come. Today is what matters, and today I am a blessed woman.

Who are the good guys in your life,  whether you’re single or married?

Let all that I am praise the LORD;

may I never forget the good things he does for me.

Psalm 103:2



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  1. Your wonderful upbeat comments encourage me today to trust God when dark times come, as He has every need already met. I am so thankful for all these wonderful men in your life. You are a gem.

  2. How fun to be able to also recount a few of the wonderful men in my life:

    Robert keeps my hair looking up-to-date (and he has been doing so for 42 years)!

    Another Robert helps me with electrical work.

    Still another Robert (my son-in-law) helps me with projects around my house and helps with car question.

    Bob, Tom, Walter, Pedro and Steve are all caring and attentive neighbors.

    Adam preaches great sermons that challenge and encourage me each week.

    Like you, Karen, I consider myself to be blessed and enriched by so many wonderful male friends!!!

    • This is a great list, Glenda. With three primary men in your life with the same name, you don’t have to worry about mis-calling them. 🙂

  3. I love this one and I can certainly relate as I have had many wonderful male friends with whom there was never anything other than friendship. So, I believe you really don’t have anything to “worry about” your contact last week. I could write a long list of men friends who helped me in times of need, like doing free plumbing work, my taxes-for free, and of course my three brothers who were all older than me and they had to “protect” their little sister! After my divorce I had a wonderful male friend who belonged to my church and he was struggling with the loss of his wife and a potential lady friend. I worked just around the corner from my church,many times he would call for me to meet him at the church, he would bring lunch, we would go to the kitchen, brew a cup of hot tea, eat, then go to the altar in the sanctuary, kneel and pray together. (I had a church key because of an office I held in the church-so we were not ‘trespassing’!) I won’t name the others but there were many and most had lovely wives who were my friends too. > Of course you know, Karen, that the male friend I had for the most years was your beloved Charles. Our first friendship was formed when we were in high school and Charles lived just around the corner from me and he would come over for us to confide in each other about our teenage problems! (Yes, I realize you already know all of this but I want to share it with your other friends so they will know even more what a wonderful person he was !) We shared many of our “problems” on my front porch. After graduation we lost contact for many years and then met again thru a mutual friend. Later I was divorced and I had to let Charles know but I hated for him to know my marriage was a failure after 27 years. WELL, here came the longest, sweetest letter anyone could ever write! He told me all the steps I would go thru and how I would feel, and of course I did not think I would feel the way he said but I did! WOW ! He was a true blessing and I had not seen him since high school. later we met in person, then I met you and it has been a great friendship ever since ! There is no way I can explain what a friend he was and how much I miss him now. Even tho we did not see each other we emailed and I really do miss that. I am so glad I know YOU, Karen, and know you and Charles had such a wonderful life together. I am so thankful that my wonderful second husband got to meet you and Charles also!
    Forgive the length of this “comment” but you KNOW I am not a “woman of a few words” ! Smile!
    I love you. Margaret


    • Margaret, your words are so comforting. Charles enjoyed all the caring emails and remembrances you shared with each other from the ‘old days.’ You were his one true friend from Paducah. I’m honored to know you and to be welcomed into your fold of friends through Charles.

  4. Great post, Karen. Males in my life:
    Don – who loves me and believes in me – always, and helps me in innumerable ways from loading the laundry to planting a beautiful yard.
    Bob – my younger brother who has given me wise words and physical help (sprinkler system) along the way.
    Arn – my older brother who promised my first husband he (Arn) would take care of me if Jerry died. He did, and Arn kept his promise.
    Mel – my oldest brother who was always available for medical advice and information, and to talk with doctors as needed. For being a big brother I count on.
    Dave – who power washed our house in preparation for a big party.
    … and many more! I’m thankful for each one.

    • Carol, you have a wonderful list of male friends too. It’s heartening to know that your brother Arn has been there for you since Jerry died and that now you and Don are here for me, just as you promised Charles you would be. I feel very secure in my friendship with the two of you. You both meant so much to Charles, as well.

  5. Karen, I married Robert E. Smith. He passed. I married Robert E Panhorst.I am blessed with many Robert’s in my family. My son is Robert, his son is Robert and two more Grandsons that are named Robert. And an uncle Robert. And they all have blessed me in a lot of different ways. It’s interesting how one name passes through one family in a lifetime.

  6. Oh my, Mary. So many Roberts to keep track of in your life. Here’s another Robert–Charles’ brother. I’m happy to hear you are blessed by so many good men, especially since your husband is ill.

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