Only God Can Make a Tree! — 12 Comments

    • Thank you, Etta Mae. 🙂 I know you walk among those redwoods often and you’ve been a volunteer at the park so they mean a lot to you. To me, too.

  1. Amazing how God’s creation shows us who He is. I’m glad for this wonderful experience you and your friend shared. “Only God …”

    • Thanks, Carol. So often when we feel lost a good walk among the trees can be healing.

  2. Dear Karen, thanks for the beautiful writing. I do feel God’s Holy Spirit in trees. One of my joys for the past few months while walking/jogging every morning around the Legion of Honor golf course is to gaze in awe a grove of seedling pine trees sprouting up in the perfect vacant spot around the adult pine trees. They’re growing so fast right in front of my very own eyes … so precious … healthy and beautiful … I’ve been watching them grow … Amazing scene … every day when I pass them by, I praise God for granting me such awesome beauty to look at … And I pray to God that I’ll be blessed with same sprouting hope and faith in Him. Jing

    • Jing, what a beautiful setting you have for walking each morning. I can imagine these little seedling trees inspire your own growth and trust in God. They do mine, just reading about them.

  3. I loved the Redwood Forest when Herb and I walked there and were awed at the beauty. The poem you mentioned was set to music and it was one of my favorite songs to sing. One of my favorite lines in the poem about the tree is “a tree who looks at God all day and lifts her leafy arms to pray”.>This blog is special to me as Trees hold a special place in my heart and I already have my bronze marker on the plot where I will be buried and beside my name is a huge outline of a beautiful tree!>BTW Orlando is known as a Beautiful city and I have to agree as I have never seen as many trees in a city as we have here and they are beautiful!>Thanks, Karen, for another winner! Margaret

    • Margaret, what fun it was to read your experience with Herb in the redwood forest, as Charles and I took similar walks in our area. I remember the song your referred to. Haven’t thought about it in years. Thanks for the reminder. Such lovely words.

  4. Dear Karen, I so much enjoy your wisdom, your beautiful writings and now your speaking. You are a gifted person in so many ways. When I grow up I want to be like you!

    • Roz, thank you for your kind comment. You are already a gifted and beautiful person yourself! (Loved hearing you and others playing the uke last night. Fun!)

  5. Thanks, Mary, for adding your comments about loving trees too. Yes, I agree that nature provides great comfort and inspiration for our writing.

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