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  1. My daughter and son- in- law are in the process of getting a divorce- this process has been heartbreaking for me. Their child has autism and we have all been working hard to help her speak and get integrated in school. It is very sad for me to see her have to face divorce and going to different houses. I am really struggling with knowing and feeling God’s care for us- I know the biblical promises but this seems too much for me. Yes, we must accept diversity of relationships but the break up of families is heartbreaking for me. Heartbroken in Canada, Angela B.

    • I can feel your heartbreak, Angela. It is never easy to see family members in pain and to experience their pain with them and yet be powerless to change or heal it. But I believe that God is good all the time, regardless of the circumstances. I support you in loving your daughter and son-in-law and their child through this trying time and trusting that the Lord will make all things new in his time.

  2. Dear Karen, I would say you have been “abundantly” blessed! I too, have been blessed with adversity since I was a ministers wife and exposed to a lot of different people and personalities. In my other work relationships I was blessed with differences in so many ways and ‘styles’! When situations “hit home” with situations that you have never thought would exist it makes a world of difference the way you ‘see things’ and your acceptance. Thanks for reminding me we much always leave room for compassion, forgiveness and acceptance! Blessings to you. Margaret

    • Thank you, Margaret, for sharing your experience with diversity. God loves us each and every one. I rest in that when I’m up against my own judgments.

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