“If I Can Do It, You Can Do It” (Heidi Heath Garwood) — 11 Comments

  1. Your life overflows with God’s love.
    You are a vibrant person just like
    the turquoise color you so often wear!
    I am greatful to call you sister in Christ
    and friend.

    • Thanks, Lynn. Such kind and loving words. Would you like copies of Heidi’s books or do you already have them?

    • Janet, I come from a similar background. Would you like copies of the books since you are one of the first three to respond? If so, send me your mailing address ( and I’ll forward to Heidi.

  2. This is a beautiful testimony that would benefit anyone who is addicted to most anything that is endangering their life! I waited to respond as I really do not know of anyone right now who would really NEED the books as much as someone who is dealing with addictions so I would prefer someone who is need of them would get the ‘free ones’. A very generous offer! We have dealt with close friends in the past who have overcome some addictions but thankful they are free now. May God richly bless this ministry for many!! Thank you, Karen, for sharing this story and thank YOU HEIDI, for writing and sharing! Bless you! Margaret

  3. Karen, I think it would be better to give the books to people who are dealing with addictions right now. Is there an AA group that meets near you? One meets at our church, but I don’t know if I could walk in and give them a book.

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