Don’t Worry! Crack a Smile! — 16 Comments

  1. Loved this, Karen–thanks! I could relate to your friend, since recently I almost brushed my teeth with my back rub salve. So thankful I caught myself just in time! 🙂
    And now I know of two movies I need to watch, so thanks for that too. I’m familiar with both, but somehow I missed seeing them.
    That photo of you is so adorable. I love your beautiful smile! Hugs to you!

    • Thanks, Judy. Great to hear from you. I remember your beautiful smile and it warms my heart.

  2. I love this Karen. I wanted to keep reading more stories!! The photo of you peeking around that post is darling too. Thank you for making me laugh and for all of the times we’ve giggled together! It means more to me than you know🙏

    • Thanks, Heidi. I can always count on you to smile and enjoy a good giggle. Life is short. Let’s laugh more and cry less, right?

  3. Hooray for laughter! Thanks Karen for this amazing post! Your photo is simply beautiful and your smile infectious. Bless you. Let’s all keep smiling and laughing every day as we know that is the best medicine.

    • I totally agree. The best medicine is laughter–and you know that as a retired nurse!!

    • I’m laughing as I read your comment, Glenda. Indeed I agree with you after all you’ve been through.

    • I would love to see you in person too, Janet. We should plan a get-together later this year.

  4. Love it!! I often send funny emails and remind my friends that according to the Bible “laughter is the best medicine” glad you quoted it above.

    I also like to remind myself that a smile improves my face value !

    You look adorable in the photo above!
    Blessing with love and a smile! Margaret


    • Thanks, Margaret. Smiling and laughter and the grace of God keep me going and I can see that’s true for you too.

  5. I like the comment I heard once. “If you see someone without a smile…give them one of yours.” Amazing what a smile can do . Thanks for yours Karen.

    • And thanks for your smile too, Etta Mae. I hope all is well in your corner.

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