Me relaxing before descending from Obsidian Dome near June Lake, California.

I returned a week ago Friday from what has come to be known as the All Gals’ Car Camp trip. This annual trek is always wonderful and full of surprises. Fifteen of us enjoyed hiking, journaling, talking around the nightly campfire, sharing pot luck suppers and swimming and kayaking. There is something very special about being in the wilderness with women. I am always impressed with the strength, vibrancy, and sheer courage each one of the gals demonstrated despite challenges in their lives.

I also observed the little critters (chipmunks looking for a handout) and gorgeous deer who meandered in and out of our local area munching on the sage that was wild and plentiful.


A beautiful buck taking a peek at our campsite.

I came home rested and refreshed, grateful for the time away from technology–although we did have access to our smart phones! I am more appreciative than ever of God’s many gifts in nature and the opportunity to enjoy them.

Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.
John Muir


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    • Thank you, Columba. It was a great deal of fun–and sometimes a bit of work–going uphill.

  1. I just HAVE to admire you ! I have never been the ‘camping’ type but when my husband was sent to Lake Junaluska, N. C. ( a Methodist camp ground) when he was a minister and “Town and Country” director for the conference, we took advantage of his way being paid and the two children and I went with him. We had housing on the grounds. We had to take at least two days, sometimes three to drive there and we took our ‘camping stove’ and canned items I had canned myself, cook our meals at a roadside table and watch for the bears! Our breakfast was delightful as we would cook bacon, pour out the grease, cook some eggs, toast bread in the same skillet and we had our butter and some jelly that I had made myself and we really did enjoy eating close to the woods. At noon we would heat some of my home canned vegetables, etc. and enjoy another meal by the roadside and mountains. That is the closet I have ever been to ‘camping’. Give me a nice clean bed “inside” to sleep! Big smile! I think it is just wonderful you can enjoy this freedom of camping and hiking with wonderful friends. keep on “keeping on,” Karen! It will keep you young.
    love you and admire you! Margaret

  2. I admire your courage, your outdoor, healthy activities, and this sounds like a delightful time with women friends. Thanks, Karen!

  3. Wow, Karen, what a wonderful time you had! Loved reading it. I’d love to experience a fun time like that myself! A beautiful experience. I love your fun spirit. Jing

    • Thanks, Jing. I highly recommend you visit the Sierra Mts. if you haven’t already. So much to see even if you don’t hike.

  4. in so glad you continue this ritual! What an enriching part of your life and great annual teunion to look forward to! Thanks for sharing our experience with us. I admire your ongoing strength and ability to get out into nature and enjoy it so much.


  5. I made a “boo boo” in my comment when I wrote that Lake Junaluska is a “camp ground” it is a Retreat Center with Hotels as well as other lodges. A Beautiful place and the first time I was there was in 1945 as a delegate from the Paducah District for a national youth conference.
    More love! margaret

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