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  1. Fr. Girzone, author of the famous Joseph series, once told us that no matter what someone says or does, “Take no offense.” It stuck. God is helping me learn to do that day by day.

    • Excellent one, Virelle. Difficult to ‘take no offense’ but definitely good for one’s mental health. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I really like the stumbling block/ stepping stone analogy. So true.

    I also like “You didn’t cause it. You can’t control it. And you can’t cure it.”

    • Those are two of my favorites too. It’s so nice to have these reminders in such succinct wording. We can carry them in our mental pockets for a quick fix whenever needed!

  3. To help me stayed focused on what is important and to keep from

    getting upset over trivial matters, I like is it going to matter

    one year from now?

  4. Wow, Karen, I love your support group already! I’d love to find some wonderful group like that for myself … do you know where I can find one near San Francisco?

    … And, how true “expectations are premeditated resentments.” I can testify to it. After being an honored and respected, almost revered, high school teacher in China teaching the most motivated and disciplined college-pre students, I came to teach in America’s public school system and expected the same teaching and learning environment. Oh, How shocked and disappointed I was, to say the least. 20 years of so-called “teaching” as an American public school teacher was such a tormenting distress I finally had enough and left. I love kids and teaching, hoping the private Christian schools are better. And I’ve just finished writing my 400-page Mental Math book – teaching American kids to calculate dollars & cents in their heads. Electronic gadgets is really an eroding “brain invasion” that has dragged down American school performance down to the South African level. Shame. Thanks, Karen, for sharing. And May God bless you. Jing

    • Thanks, Jing. The group I’m referring to is Al-Anon. You can find meetings in your city by checking the following link:

      I appreciate your comment and your experience. Congratulations on completing your book. That is a great achievement.

  5. I have three favorites:

    Abraham Lincoln said: “There is so much good in the worst of us and so much bad in the best of us,it hardly behoves any of us to talk about the rest of us”.
    Change your attitude-express more gratitude!
    “Wisdom comes from listening” !! Because I listened ( not just heard) what a speaker was saying in 1948 I learned how to forgive my husband for asking for a divorce and marrying my good friend. The forgiveness came in 1975 soon after the divorce and I had not thought of the words since 1948!! All at once the words came to me, I followed the directions and forgiveness came ! Thank you God!
    The speaker was Georgia Harkness. She said when someone does something to you ( she named other things) and you need to forgive them you do not ask for God to help you forgive them. You have to ask God to “bless them” !! When I thought about her words I got on my knees and being honest I ‘told God that I really did not want Him to do it gut I was going to ask him to bless : I said their names- then I quickly added: “but I really do not want you to”!
    (yes, you can laugh). I knew I could not fool God so I said that to Him each day as I asked Him to bless them! The day came when I really did mean it!! Amazing how wonderful I felt! The three of us became friends, I visited with them, he died, I stayed with her during the funeral and we still email to this day! I highly recommend Listening as it sure proved to give me wisdom!
    Love to you, Margaret

    • What a powerful personal story, Margaret. Thank you. Your experience and your attitude are inspiring. I agree with you that listening can often be more powerful than talking.

  6. Quite a few years ago we had a guest speaker at our church and the title of his message is something I’ve never forgot. His title? “The main thing, is to keep the main thing, the main thing.” I feel this is apropos esp for the times that we are in, and that is to keep our focus on Christ. Christ is the main thing in my life. Thank you Lord for loving me. GBY Karen.

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