“A Friend is a Gift You Give Yourself.” — 12 Comments

  1. Fantastic Karen. So well expressed. Yes, friendships do come and go …. but some stay constant just like you said. Our friends are SO important for our comfort and for our growth. Some do change so much that they fade away or become very remote. Like any relationship friendship requires nurturing and caring, understanding and love. Blessings to you dear friend for this beautiful sharing. I look forward to our walk, talk and lunch together soon. XO.

    • Thanks, Kathleen, faithful friend over the years. I look forward to our next time together–soon.

  2. Wonderful post, Karen, and timely, too, in that two of my dearest friends drove all day to my home this past weekend. We met 37 years ago, and they endeared themselves to me forever when they came alongside me with amazing support and caring after the death of my third child at birth. On this visit they empathized with me the loss of my mom in June.
    Decades ago we all moved and eventually ended up in different parts of California, but our bond remains strong. I’m so grateful for their prayerful presence in my life. In fact, praying together was the last thing we did before they left yesterday. I’m so thankful for them and the new memories we made. I’m grateful you are also blessed with wonderful friends–but, no surprise there!

    • Thank you for this lovely addition to my post, Judy. I can imagine how you are missing your mother. It’s wonderful to know you have friends who came to your side during such times of loss and mourning. There is nothing like a true friend during the ups and downs of life.

  3. Very good, Karen!! THANK YOU ! I certainly do not know what I would do without my friends. They love me in spite of my faults! I cannot remember the exact words but you touched on it – about some friends come into your life for a little while, others for a lifetime, but all of them serve a purpose and a need that you have at the time they are with you. I am so thankful for my ‘new’ friends here in Orlando.
    One thing I remember reading that is so true:”you have to be a friend to have a friend”!
    Love to you. Margaret

  4. Thanks, Margaret. Yes, one has to be a friend to have a friend (as you were to Charles and he to you). So true. I’m happy to know you have made new friends in Orlando and are enjoying life there. And I’m grateful to have enjoyed your friendship through Charles. God is good, always providing what we need when we need it.

  5. Karen, I appreciate your realization that sometimes friendships go, for a variety of reasons. And that they also can return and once again, be meaningful and significant in our lives. I spent Sunday and Monday morning with four friends who were close college girlfriends. Four of us were attendants in the 5th’s wedding. We’ve been friends for just under 50 years – not always in touch with each other, but weaving in and out of each other’s lives over the years. What a precious gift. And newer friends bring a whole other dimension to our lives. So meaningful.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience, Carol. One of my gym buddies is getting together with her ‘bridesmaids’ from 55 years ago in a coming weekend and like you, my sister-in-law meets with her college chums and former roommates once a year to catch up with each other. How special for all of you.

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