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  1. Sure was an awesome camping experience and, yes, probably my last one! Hooray for motels and cabins hopefully close by to our All Gals group in coming years so that Karen and I can enjoy our incredible outdoors enthusiastic friends whom we love and have shared with for many, many years. My mind and heart are filled with vivid memories of such beauty around Rock Creek Canyon off 395 between Bishop and Mammoth where we camped at 9,000 feet! Ah! Was wonder filled indeed. Thank you Karen ….. You are a delight to be with, to share with and to grow older gracefully with. Long may it continue ………. Kathleen 😊🍀🌹❤️

    • Thanks, Kathleen. All that you said about our trip and about me I could say about the trip and about you, as well. GREAT time!

  2. Sounds awesome Karen! I love your pictures of your surroundings. It looks peaceful and serene. How wonderful
    that you can spend it with such great friends and share it with
    me and others.

    • Thanks, Janet. I appreciate your chiming in. Yes, women friends are among the best.

  3. Karen, I really like the photos and they brought back memories of mine and Herb’s trip in the giant Redwoods, but of course WE DID NOT CAMP OUT! As I have said,when it is time for bed it is the Motel for me!! >I am so glad you had a great time and I know it was a week of peace for you and your friends. Hopefully you can continue enjoying these trips for many years to come.
    Love you, Margaret

    • Thanks, Margaret. It looks like we’ll be more civilized next year–camping in instead of camping out. Enough with tents!!

  4. So great to read about the wonderful time you had camping and hiking. Thanks, too, for sharing the photos. I love the joyful expression on your face near the babbling brook!

  5. Wow, Karen, what a heavenly time a group of close friends could spend in great nature together till your heart contend … what great fun you that must be … loved your picture in the serenity of nature … you look so energetic and young as ever! Congratulations to you and your friends! Jing

    • Thanks, Jing. Yes, it’s hard to believe it’s over for another year, especially after so much planning ahead, but always worth the effort.

  6. Sounds like a delightful time, Karen. So next year it will be an RV or a motel room for you? Yay. Was so good to see you for a minute after church Saturday. I’m glad you continue to enjoy these hikes with dear friends, to bask in the beauty of God’s creation, and to share it with us along with photos!

    • Thanks, Carol. I’m looking forward to the play with you and Don next Sunday. It’s good to be home even though I had a great time in the wilderness.

  7. So sorry to have missed the trip, I was in England for about 2 months on a family visit. So just could not get away again so soon. As I walk in God’s wonderful creation I am always in awe of His love for us; He surrounds us with such beauty both visually and spiritually. He must love us a lot. Hope to see you soon. Blessings, Lynn

    • We missed you, Lynn. Hopefully you can join us next year. Looks like Lake Tahoe will be the destination.

    • Thanks, Julie. It was awesome in many ways. So grateful we are all well enough to carry on after so many years.

  8. What a wonderful tradition!
    I haven’t camped for years. I took my children a few times; it was exhausting! Maybe it would be different now they are almost grown.
    I have always loved the outdoors. Maybe I should consider camping again…. Then too, I get the camping experience daily, just by looking out my window. I’m very blessed!

    • Thanks for your comment, Columba. How lovely that you have a camp setting right outside your window!

  9. I’m amazed you’ve made it this long in tents!! I gave up on them a few years back. You are quite a woman =) It’s so great you have like minded friends to adventure with.

    • Thanks for adding your comment, Laura. Yes, that’s it on tent camping–but while I could handle it I did enjoy it.

  10. Your photos remind me of growing up near the mountains. My dad once took me on a one-on-one picnic near a babbling brook like the one in your picture. It’s one of my favorite memories. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your adventure!

    • What a lovely memory, Sherry. I remember a similar outing with my mom while visiting my aunt in Arizona. We had a picnic at the bottom of a mountain and I wanted to climb to the peak but Mom said, “Mountains are for looking at not climbing!” She lived long enough to watch me ‘disobey’ her by going to the top of Mount Whitney!

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