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Welcome to My Website

Thanks for stopping by.  I wish we could visit in person. Walking and talking with friends is one of my favorite pastimes—and then sitting awhile over a cup of green tea or a steaming decaf latte trading stories and experiences with one another. My late husband Charles often warned people to be careful of what they share with me—or they’ll find themselves in one of my books, as he often did (but not without permission), I might add.

Speaking of stories, have you heard the one about the time I spritzed my hair with furniture polish instead of hairspray? The polish left a nice sheen, though. Or the time I signed up for a personal growth seminar and realized on the first day I’d attended it six months earlier?

For forty years I’ve been writing books, articles, letters, and more recently blogs based on my experiences and observations of life, and the insight I’ve gained from other people. At last I’m finding the humor in it all—and hoping you will too.

It’s taken me years to get this old—so why not celebrate it by passing on a bit of help, hope, and humor to my faithful readers. I hope you’ll join us.