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  1. Your post made me smile, Karen. So often the so-called “little things” such as those you mention make someone else’s day and let them know they are valued and appreciated. Your mother was a wise woman — and so are you! I love your “You turns.”

  2. Now I’ll think of “You Turns” every time I make a u-turn or see a sign for it. Great insights, as usual, Karen.

  3. Karen, I actually had to laugh when I saw the words Your Turn and then the
    U turn!! Just an hour ago I was writing another chapter in my book and in this chapter I went into detail about an accident that happened to me when a man made a U turn in front of me!! I had stopped at a traffic light, noticed a man in the lane across the median that looked like he was thinking of making a U turn and when the light changed he did and since I had barely started to move, I stopped, my care barely touched his passenger side door and I doubt it made more than a tiny dent and then WHAM, I was read ended by a young man driving a pickup truck which actually totaled my car! Grateful no one was hurt!
    The Your turn in your writing is a wonderful thought and one that I have learned works many times when I have a problem motivating myself to do something I need to do or feel a little “down” If I turn my thoughts to someone else and make a phone call to someone I know needs a lift I find I am “lifted” perhaps far more than they are and soon I am in the mood to do what I need to do and feel like smiling! THANK you for reminding me that this works every time! Forgive the “laugh” but it just happened! Thanks, again,for another great thought.
    Blessings to you. Margaret

    • Thanks, Heidi. Yes, all about service. Keeps us focused on our recovery and sharing it with others.

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