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  1. Wisdom comes from listing and the words you have written are wise and well accepted. We keep each other in our prayers and give God the praise. Even in our sadness and sorrows we are blessed.
    Thank you, Karen, for more words of wisdom.
    Love with blessings to you . Margaret

  2. I enjoyed your blog today. Our family has also been going through a season of difficulties including my husband suffering burnout and having to sell his business, my granddaughter being diagnosed with autism, my only daughter going through a difficult divorce, having to move to an area ( beautiful scenery wise) where we have no friends or family, to help with the care of our granddaughter. Thankfully, my husband’s business was very successful and he was a saver so we can relax financially- a true blessing. But it has caused me fear, anxiety , sadness and some bitterness. I think, “Why such a string of difficult times?” What is God doing? But…despite the trouble, I have seen God’s hand and He has answered many prayers. I relate to the TRUST and BREATHE advice. Many, many times, when I have prayed I have felt the Holy Spirit forcing me to take a big breath. I will pray for you and your family. We’re getting through it too- by grace alone also. Hoping for easier times. Blessings, Angela Brouwer

    • Angela, thank you for sharing the hardships you are going through alongside your family. Some experiences seem overwhelming and yet as you said, God’s grace is always there–new every morning. Let’s hold tight to him who will never leave nor forsake us.

  3. Karen, what a wonderful reminder. Trust and breathe. Your family has gone through a difficult time indeed, and the scriptures you shared are such wonderful promises. I too have clung to these. Thank you my friend.

    • Thank you, Carol. As one who knows hard times, as we all do, I appreciate your support.

  4. It sounds like life is a bumpy ride right now. Hang on and Thank you for sharing some encouraging scriptures with us…

    • Thank you, Rebecca. Grace abounds so we will be all right. I appreciate your support.

  5. Karen, I am so grateful that God’s light of grace chases the darkness of gloom and grief from a room?

    It’s like opening a window for the first time in spring and watching winter run and hide in the corner.

    Praying God’s grace continues to brighten your heart.

    Smiles, BRC

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