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  1. Spectacular photo memories Karen. We must go there together.
    My closest place to wander, exercise, reflect, simply get away is only 10 minutes away when there is no traffic. The Baylands Park is in Mountain View just off 101 and Shoreline and has a beautiful golf course and man made Lake as well as being close to the end of The Bay with many, many miles of walking trails. It is like going away on vacation just being there with the Canada geese and coots and all kinds of water foul. Often only a few other people enjoying the tranquility especially during the week.
    I enjoy taking guests there for a walk and lunch too at Michael’s Restaurant that is very pleasant overlooking the golf course and a small pond.
    We are SO fortunate indeed to have such beauty and peace available to us. Much love to you dear friend. Keep on hiking and enjoying the trails. ❤️🕉

    • Kathleen, The Baylands Park sounds amazing. I hope we can enjoy it together then next time I visit you and Don.

  2. Wilder Ranch is such a beautiful spot. I love it there. We just drove past it yesterday on our way up the coast to Pacifica to watch one of my grandsons play football. We chose the coast route, which was 1/2 hour longer, but such a more pleasant drive. God was showing off yesterday with the beauty of the waves and clouds. We are blessed. love, Heidi

  3. Nothing restores the soul, like being out in God’s creation. “The Heavens declare the glory of God”
    Lovely pictures!!

  4. I hiked with a friend to the observation deck at Henry Cowell yesterday. Love the views! I’ve walked on Wilder Bluff, and you’ve reminded me to go again. Blessings!

    • Thanks, Columba. We are blessed to have so many places to hike and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation.

  5. Thank you so much Karen for your beautiful photos and your writing. I could just smell the ocean air and feel the Lord’s peace. Thank you so much for your faithful writing from your heart.

  6. Since I am no longer able to travel nor go out to other places, I am just remembering all the wonderful trips I have taken and almost all of them was after I was 60 years old. I have NO regrets that I cannot get out and “go” now because when I was growing up I had no idea I would be able to travel and see the beautiful Grand Canyon, the Redwoods, Grater Lake, Canada, Hawaii, etc!! Goodness, I am so blessed! I think the most beautiful place I have seen is Crater Lake. Herb, my husband, and I barely made it in time to get in the boat and ride on the lake while the guide told us the story. I took great notes and of course Herb had his video going! I have no clue how we managed to ‘miss’ going through Colorado but we did!! I have been in all the States except Alaska and Co, and I have walked and looked at so much beauty! NOW, each morning I look at the beautiful palm fronds blowing in the wind, watch the little squirrels eating a hibiscus blossom, the birds in the tree, the huge cranes and we even saw a couple of deer walking around the pond, behind our house, on their way back to the woods, apparently, beside the golf course.I love to look at all the ‘creatures’ I manage to see in the form of a white cloud-I could go on and on as there is no end to the beauty that God gives us each day. Of course the sunsets here in Florida are most colorful and beautiful. The beach where I had a time share was filled with surprises with the dolphins, sandpipers, pelicans diving to get a fish for their dinner, etc. I can no longer go there either but I am thankful I did it “once upon a time”! Karen, I am thankful you can still hike and see all of this beauty. I enjoy seeing the photos you share with us and your stories of your hiking! Awesome! Keep moving! Love, Margaret

    • Margaret, like you, I am doing what I can while I can so I won’t have any regrets about not taking advantage of the natural beauty that is ours free as a gift from God. I’m so happy to hear that you had so many wonderful adventures in the outdoors while you were still able.

  7. Wonderful photos of the beauty that restored your spirit Karen. Don and I love the beach and the rolling waves that speak to the east and for of our emotions. I’ve always resonated with that.

    • Thanks, Carol. I’m happy knowing that you and Don love the beach too and the sound of the rolling waves. They soothe the soul.

  8. My husband and I go birdwatching in beautiful parks in Canada and the US. One of our favourites is “Oak Openings” Nature Reserve in Ohio which has had over 35 redheaded woodpeckers flocking there. The old oak trees, bubbling creeks and sandy soil bring so many wonderful birds to the area. After a day of hiking and birdwatching, our souls are renewed by the beauty, creativity and peace of God’s creation.

    • Oh Angela, what you described sounds divine. Thanks for sharing the special ways you and your husband have enjoyed the great outdoors and all of God’s little creatures, especially the redheaded woodpeckers.

  9. Karen, every time you share your climb over a mountain, you inspire me to climb higher in my every day life. Thank you!

    My favorite place to enjoy some solace in nature is on top of a bridge looking over the bay on our Mississippi Gulf Coast or riding my old faithful bike along our 27 mile Beach.

    Smiles, BRC

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