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  1. You need a like button. Or do you have one and I just don’t know where it is? I’m into comfort, but if I were as beautiful and as fit as you I might have a different attitude.

  2. Thanks, Barb. You can ‘like’ my blogs by simply hitting the ‘share’ icon above and then pick whichever social media you prefer. And thanks for the compliment! 🙂

  3. Good one, Karen. I’ve just discovered that I’m the same age as sliced bread, for goodness sake! And I hope I haven’t grown too stale!

    • My first act of “retirement” from a job where I stood on high heels all day was to get rid of all of my high heel shoes and declare that I could and would wear runners or flat sandals for the rest of my life! The only time I have worn high heels since is for my daughter’s wedding (and my feet were miserable!) I am so glad I have chosen “comfort” for my feet. This is a timely topic for me because I am struggling with my aging appearance and what is a comfortable weight and how dressed up do I want to look. Comfort is definitely a major factor and I do wear shorts despite my funny appearance as I look after my energetic granddaughter.
      We know from the bible that God sees our heart, not our outside appearance. It’s still a struggle to find the best balance because people do judge us by our appearance and I’m more confident when I am dressed nicely…Thanks for your blog- lots of food for thought to find that balance!

    • Thanks, Angela. I agree that finding the balance can be a challenge sometimes, but when we remember that God sees what’s inside before the outside we can relax and trust our judgment about clothing and appearance. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  4. Love it!! It made me remember something that taught me a lesson. I was a sponsor for a young girl who was joining the church one Sunday and as her sponsor I would be standing with her when she took her vows for membership. I had been having a lot of problems with my feet and legs while walking. I was ready to go to church, had on some nice sandals and noticed it was pouring down rain! No way could I walk across the parking lot in these sandals! I would definitely fall with this balance problem. I was so upset that I had to put on my “lace up shoes”! THEN I thought of the verse of scripture that says:”Pride goeth before the fall”. That’s all of the verse I remembered but it made me start laughing!! I though oh how true! When I got to church it seemed so many people told me how ‘great I looked’ and of course I knew it was the “almost laughing smile” on my face. I really do not think anyone noticed my shoes as they were looking at my smile! A lesson I have had to remember many times. God is good all the time! (speaking of shorts, when I was a teenager it was not decent for girls to wear shorts and even when I was in high school on my way to the swimming pool I wore dresses or skirts! I was 17 at the time) Thanks for a good one! Margaret

    • Great story about your sandals and the related scripture verse. Very funny! I graduated from college in 1960 and at my school (all women) we had to wear dresses or skirts even on class picnics!! I wore shorts as a little girls and much later as a young mom.

  5. I am with you on this one for sure. Comfort!!
    In fact I have a pair of shorts hanging in my closet. I probably have not worn them for 25 years. Time to clear out some old things I think. 🙂

  6. I used to be proud that I wasn’t prejudiced against people because of their race, religion, or national origin, but I was prejudiced against old ladies who wore shoes with laces and dresses. Now, guess what? I’ve become what I was prejudiced against. Serves me right!

  7. Oh how the mighty have fallen! There was a time with looking good was my all in all — vanity they name is Patti! While I still prefer to look “nice” my feet are my downfall. All those years of Spectator Pumps have paid the price! Bunions — yuck! So, Clarks are now my all time fav shoe. Somewhat stylish, and really comfortable! The real truth, I think it matters more what is inside, than how we present ourselves outside — it is what is internal that truly shows!

    • I just bought a pair of Clark sandals. You’re right–stylish but comfy too. When I think of all the Nordstrom outfits I bought over the years with Charles’ discount, I’m reminded of how important all that was at one time.

  8. I wear what is comfortable and doesn’t draw attention. Never wear heels, and am growing out my gray hair. Loving this new season!

    • I’m with you. I’ve gone from gray to white and get more compliments on my hair now than ever before. Gettin’ old is fine with me.

  9. Great subject, Karen! I wear shorts only on the golf course and nothing too far above the knee. We’re all paying attention to golf and not looking at our legs. But, most of the time, now, I go for cute but comfortable. Haven’t worn heels in years. The most important part of any of this is that I care less about what others’ think than I used to and I am comfortable in my age (most of the time)!!!

    • Thank you, Heidi. Isn’t it lovely to take our age and our appearance as it comes? We are all beautiful in the sight of the Lord.

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