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  1. love the picture!! They are so cute! Good lesson you presented! One we surely need to learn. One of my favorite verses of Scripture too! My son-in-law is a school teacher and one of the teachers he works with has a lot of ‘animals’ and she always took her large tank with a bearded dragon to her classroom during the school term. When my daughter and son-in-law found a bearded dragon in our yard they knew it would die so they took it to her and now she has TWO bearded dragons and they get along VERY well!! The students love them.
    I am glad you took a picture of the little turtles as they really are precious and one of God’s creations.
    Thanks, Margaret

    • Thanks for your cute story about the bearded dragons. All God’s creatures are precious and can teach us so much.

  2. This is sweet and a great reminder of what is important. Thanks, Karen. I especially liked the part about moving slowly! I seem to end up hurting myself if I skippy-do like I did when I was seventeen. “Be deliberate” is my motto now. I think I will go lay on a rock in the sun. Looks like a lovely pass time!

  3. What a lovely time to reflect on how God made the turtles and we can learn life lessons from those sweet creatures1 There (again) God gives us gifts every day! And, it sounds just like you, Karen, to find the gift in the turtles!! I wonder how many of us would even take the time to enjoy them!? That’s what I admire so much about you-going a little deeper and taking time to enjoy the beauty of all the gifts that God has given us!! Thank you for sharing!!

  4. Thanks for your words of wisdom! A nice reminder to savor the quiet moments in life and to live at peace with others.

  5. I just love this, Karen. So true. I, too, need to be more like a turtle. Thank you for your keen insights. You continue to be an inspiration to me. God bless you!

    • So good to hear from you, Michele. I want you to know I am totally enjoying reading, at last, your delightful book, Getaway Mountain. I love it. You’re such a good storyteller.

  6. Karen, the picture is adorable; the clan, hanging out together. And the analogy you draw is so apt. I love what you said about going a little slower, taking time over decisions, and enjoying who God has made you to be. Those are lessons for me too, in my life which is too often cluttered and busy, when what I need is rest, renewal, and the love of my Father, family and friends. Thank you for this!

    • Thank you, Carol, for appreciating my blog this week and the cute photo. I keep thinking of those little critters and how much I learned from just watching them do their thing.

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