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  1. A little humor here ! My first husband and I divorced after 27 years of marriage. He married a great friend of mine~yes, I was hurt and angry too! I learned to forgive with all my heart and the three of us returned to being great friends. He has since died but she and I still email and stay in touch! The funny thing, he always said I was a great cook and one day he told a mutual friend of ours if ‘she’ could cook like Margaret he would have a perfect wife ! You may not think this is funny, but I do, because the friend said, “what makes you think you should have a perfect wife?” Remember, Laughter is good medicine!!

    • I have always enjoyed this little anecdote about Ada and Charlie. I was often the beneficiary of Ada’s excellent cooking so I’m happy to know she took lessons.

  2. When Don and I were engaged, I worked late into the night before his birthday, creating a cake shaped like his name. The final creation was so hard it was in-edible. I was so hurt that Don stated the obvious: (“I can’t eat this….it is hard as a rock!” ), that I cried. I actually could cook back then, and I love cooking now, but never was a birthday cake made with more love! 🙂

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