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My mother-in-law Ada enjoyed telling our family about an incident early in her marriage. Her young husband Charlie, made life difficult for her in the kitchen. “No one can cook like my mother. . .” he often said.

“Can you believe it?” Ada commented. “He actually liked his pork chops cooked until they resembled old shoe leather. I decided to fix him,” she added with a glint in her soft blue eyes. “Instead of arguing and defending myself, I enrolled in a cooking school. I was only seventeen when we married so I figured I had a few things to learn. That marked a turning point in our relationship. I became a good cook and he became a grateful eater.”

One night after finishing her cooking classes, Ada served pork chops, sauerkraut, and homemade applesauce. Charlie cut into the meat and asked what kind it was. He didn’t recognize the plump meat cooked to perfection. He’d been used to the flat fried chop he’d had to chase around the plate with his knife and fork just to get a bite.

“We both laughed at that one,” said Ada, “and over the years when I asked what he’d like for dinner he always responded the same way. “How about pork chops–––the way you fix them.”

This story prompted me to think about how I respond when God wants to serve me a beautiful meal for my spirit––a cup running over with love, a plateful of peace, a bowl of assurance. Do I receive His gift with thanksgiving and praise, or do I complain about the portion, the size, the texture, and the manner in which He served it?


You will have plenty to eat, until you are full, and you will praise the name

of the LORD your God (Job 2:26).



What’s For Dinner? — 6 Comments

  1. A little humor here ! My first husband and I divorced after 27 years of marriage. He married a great friend of mine~yes, I was hurt and angry too! I learned to forgive with all my heart and the three of us returned to being great friends. He has since died but she and I still email and stay in touch! The funny thing, he always said I was a great cook and one day he told a mutual friend of ours if ‘she’ could cook like Margaret he would have a perfect wife ! You may not think this is funny, but I do, because the friend said, “what makes you think you should have a perfect wife?” Remember, Laughter is good medicine!!

    • I have always enjoyed this little anecdote about Ada and Charlie. I was often the beneficiary of Ada’s excellent cooking so I’m happy to know she took lessons.

  2. When Don and I were engaged, I worked late into the night before his birthday, creating a cake shaped like his name. The final creation was so hard it was in-edible. I was so hurt that Don stated the obvious: (“I can’t eat this….it is hard as a rock!” ), that I cried. I actually could cook back then, and I love cooking now, but never was a birthday cake made with more love! 🙂

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