What Does it Mean to be Truly Kind? — 12 Comments

  1. Karen, thank you for your honesty and vulnerability. I’m glad I’m not alone in needing more of this fruit. Loved your practical examples.

    Just be sure to be kind to yourself too. You’re going through a lot, and sometimes the only one around to give you some kind TLC will be YOU.

    Hugs, Kristi

    • Thanks, Kristi: I appreciate your kind comment. No worries, I am being kind to myself–exercising, reading, praying, and participating in a caregivers support group. God is carrying me . . .

  2. You are right on target! It is easy to be unkind sometimes but also easy to BE kind if we keep our minds on good thoughts and put forth the effort as you did by talking to the lady at the wedding and showing an interest in her even tho you did not really want to!

    I like the story of the two men who were on their way to work. they stopped at a newstand, one bought a newspaper and the ‘seller’ was very rude!! The purchaser was so kind and wished the man a good day. As the two men walked away the friend asked him how he could be so kind to the man who was so very rude to him? The buyer simply said he refused to let anyone set his mood for the day !
    Perhaps I would be better off if I always felt the same way! I should never let anyone set my mood but “me” with God’s help !
    Love and prayers are with you and Charles.


    • This is a great story, Margaret, and hits the point. We are in control of our attitude and actions. May we always choose kindness.

  3. Dear Karen, thank you for inspiring me with your amazing writing and the “kindness” message. How I needed myself to be that way – be kind to others instead of focusing on being right and sticking to being perfect … or concentrating on myself only … my own feelings … my own pain and hurt … You’ve just inspired me to change my way. I loved the way how you quoted from the Bible – how timely and perfect guidance God has for us … I’ve got a long way to go but will keep working on improving myself. Thank you very much, Karen. Please take good care of yourself. We need you to keep writing these wonderful inspiring guidance for us. You’re simply amazing. Thanks a lot again. Jing

  4. I really loved this post, Karen. I really relate to this sentence, “I noticed that I used to get stuck protecting or defending my behavior instead of looking at what doesn’t work between another person and me and what I can do to get it working!” It’s so easy to focus on the behaviors of others instead of what I need to change myself! It’s also amazing how being kind and focusing on others lifts my attitude and brings heaps of blessings. 🙂

    • Thank you, Sherry, for taking a moment to check in and let me know my post is one you can relate to. I appreciate it so much.

  5. Great post Karen and a post with which we could all probably adhere. When someone does something unkind to us, it’s a natural thing to want to go back at them. I cite road rage or hog from another driver. But I’ve noticed Karen that while I sit there fuming, he’s already three miles up the road and has completely forgotten about me, if he ever even thought about me in the first place. You’re right, it is us who are effected the most. I’m the one who is upset and offended. Ironic huh? I’ve since then, mellowed out quite a bit. Galatians 5:22, 23 is a great place to start. (Might even be a great place to end in terms of projecting ourselves to others eh?!) Thanks for a great reminder of the Spirit that works within us.

    • Thanks, Jim, as always. Life is a lot more peaceful when we extend the hand and the thoughts of kindness to others. I’m still working on that too. It seems to be a long-term process for most of us.

  6. yes Karen, I know what it is to get weary with a sick husband. And I have a sister in Christ which gets on my nerves also. I have to remember His mercy is new each new day. We women are more alike than we sometimes know. We need to hold each other up in prayer. Bob is in the nursing Home and I don’t know if I can handle him at home, but he talks a lot about coming home. There is a lot to pray about.

    • Mary, thank you for letting me know how things are for you and Bob. I’m sorry to hear you need to be separated because of his condition, but at the same time I realize you have to stay strong for him and for yourself. I must do the same. You’re right. There is a lot to pray about. May the Holy Spirit guide us both.

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