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  1. Dear Karen,
    Thanks for sharing these wonderful quotes. There have been seasons in my life when the tears just flowed. Thankfully, as it says in Psalm 56:8 I have the assurance that God “keeps track of all our sorrows, collects all our tears in a bottle and recorded each one in His book. Also from reading Revelation 7:17, I know that we have assurance that God will wipe away every tear from our eyes. These are comforting words, indeed!

    • I love these verses, Glenda. Thank you. They are especially meaningful to me during this transition in my life. Charles is declining and my tears are mounting, but I do have the assurance that The Comforter is with me.

  2. Thank you, Karen, for your treasures shared, especially your tears. I’m praying for you and Charles often and with love.

    • Thank you, Virelle. Charles is changing and we both see it. We are sharing tears but smiles too, as we recall so many fabulous memories. Grace abounds even in the midst of sadness.

  3. Karen, you continue to be on my thoughts and in my prayers as you and God walk this path together. I’m glad you can cry when you need to. Tears of all kinds–sad tears, frustrated tears, angry tears, accepting tears–have their divine uses. Hugs to you and Charles as you move forward on this journey not of your choosing. Love, Kristi

  4. Dear Karen, thank you for the beautiful message of “tears” … and for confirming the therapeutical healing of tears … hope you’re hanging in there strong with our Lord Jesus blessings … both you and Charles are in my prayer … and I’m going to missing you big time at this year’s Mount Hermon Writers’ Conference … May God bless you with extra strength alongside your beloved Charles.

    • Thank you, Jing. I will miss seeing you at MH, as well. I’m where I need to be this year and God is taking care of us during this season of our lives. We so appreciate your kind words and prayers.

  5. Karen, I was reading in my Gratitude Journal the other day and re-read a page soon after Herb died. I wrote the words of the old spiritual”Sometimes I’m up, sometimes I’m down, Oh yes Lord, but still my soul is heavenly bound, Oh yes, Lord”. Then I wrote that the tears just seem to flow but I have heard “tears are cleansing so I must be as white as snow by now” . Tears DO make us feel better and I am glad I can shed them! I have a friend who is on so much medication for depression she said she cannot cry but she wishes she could. Let us thank God for the blessing of tears!

    Thanks, Dear, as always for your messages. Love, Margaret

    • Margaret, you always have so many wonderful personal stories to share that relate to what I write. Thank you.

  6. Karen, I think of you and your husband so often, understanding what you are going through. Your faith will be sufficient to see you through this season. As you know, writing is also healing. I’m so thankful for having you as a mentor to urge me on.
    God bless both of you.

    • Marie, you are always so encouraging. Thank you for shared faith, shared prayer, shared friendship, and shared writing.

  7. Ah! The relief of tears. Dearest friend, you and Charles are in our daily prayers for comfort and for what is right for you both at this very sacred time. It is a most difficult time and God’s grace does flow. This I know from several experiences shared with loved ones. Glad you take time for your writing and for your own health and well being.
    You share SO much with us all and you are SO loved by us all. Blessings and Hugs to you both now and always, Kathleen and Don XOXO.

    • Thank you, Kathleen, for your kind words, loving support, and wonderful encouragement. I so appreciate your friendship and your spiritual viewpoint.

  8. I remember about a dozen years ago I cried out to God in prayer that I was embarrassed about always crying and being a sentimental guy. I felt like less of a man for being so sensitive and breaking down esp if I had to speak to family or friends during Christmas get together or something. I asked God to take it from me. Be VERY careful what you pray for. He took it from me. I was now less sensitive. Well since then, mom and dad have both passed and I have yet Rio cry over over them. (I mean REALLY cry.) It got to where I didn’t like who I was. However, I’ve been praying and repenting for that prayer I prayed years ago and PTL I’m returning to the old me. I’ve come to the conclusion that I was unhappy with who God made me and complained about it to Him. My only exhortation to others is, “LET GOD NAME YOU,” and not the enemy or the world. Be happy with who you are. My confession to you is, I was an ungrateful believer but I’ve since then repented and am on my way to becoming who God made me to be. Now if I can only cry for mom and dad. Mom passed in Jan 2004 and dad in Sept 2007.

    • Thank you, Jim, for being so vulnerable in sharing your experience with tears. I am well aware of your love for the Lord and your desire to become the person he created you to be. I have learned much from you over the years. You are an inspiration.

  9. Thank you for your message. Friends and family tease me because my tears are always flowing! But it is good to know that the Lord loves and holds our tears. Great release and refreshment come from tears. The other night, Brendan and I got to laughing over something until we were both in tears 🙂 I think you would relate to that with your dear Charles. Just want you to know that you are in my prayers frequently as you hold each day during this time.

    • Thanks for your sweet comment, Laura. Yes, tears can cleanse and refresh us when we’re sad or happy. I’ve laughed sometimes till I cried! Now my tears are for my pending loss but I also feel grateful for the time Charles and I have shared.

  10. Hello Karen, You, and Charles are in our hearts, and prayers
    everyday. As I think about the tears you’ve mentioned, I’m reminded of one of Walter’s favorite songs by the Happy Goodman’s; Tears will never stain the streets of that city, no wreathes of death on my mansion door. Tears will never stain the streets of that city because a heart can never break anymore”. Thank God for the promises of Heaven, and how wonderful it will be with our loved ones over there. May God continue to give you peace, and comfort during this difficult time. Hugs, & love to you both.

    • Thank you, Cathy. Your words mean a great deal to me. I love the lyrics of the song you quoted. Charles is in transition and may be with Jesus before the week is out. Only God knows but I can see it coming. Charles has been saying over and over, “I want to go home.” May it be a joyful experience that we all share one day.

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