Some friends brought me flowers and a card to celebrate a talk I gave at a meeting recently. The front of the card read: “We’re all in this together.” I smiled and nodded. SO true. We are all in this together, whether we admit it or not. We’re part of the universal family and all the little ‘families’ that are part of that.

We’re connected to our co-workers and neighbors and store clerks and church friends and golf buddies and strangers too––because at the heart of it, we are all members of the family of God, our Creator.

The phrase on the card has meant a lot to me over the last few weeks. I remind myself each day that if I want to make a difference in life, I need to remember those words and then to treat my family members in whatever venue I find them, with respect and encouragement and love, the very things I want and need from them.

‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ {Matthew 22:39)

How do you experience loving your neighbor as yourself?



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We Are All In This Together — 8 Comments

  1. Dear Karen, I feel honored to have you, an awesome, greatly accomplished author, in this following-and-obeying-our-God together with me. Thank you. Jing

  2. Karen, what a good reminder that we need to treat and respect others in the way we would like to be treated and respected. Such a key in any of our communications. Thank you!

  3. Yes, we are all in this together and I thank you for reminding us! We certainly do need to remember this and to be more loving and kind to everyone we know and meet! Our ‘words’ do not speak as loud as our ‘actions’ and this is something I need to remember. I sometimes think of something I read about the ‘devil’ ! ” The Devil does not mind at all to hear us say we are Christians, as long as we do not act like one.” WOW ! Don’t remember who said it but it does
    make us think !
    Love and blessings to you,my Friend.

    P.S. thank you for the list of your available books and ‘where’. Tanya uses a kindle so she can check these out!

  4. It’s very interesting Karen that we are all on this journey together and what we do or say has an effect on other people. yet, our spiritual state is up to us, alone.

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