Watering the Weeds — 10 Comments

  1. The trouble with dandelions is they are so bright and cheery when yellow and so fun to blow on and watch sail away when they are white and fluffy.

    Who are you touring national parks with? Sounds fun!

    • Thanks, Barb. I agree, dandelions are pretty–but! I’m going on the national parks trip with Grand Circle Travel, the same company Mount Hermon used for our Danube River Cruise last April.

  2. I always thought dandelions were so pretty but I guess they really were a nuisance! I had not thought of them in years and do not see them here in Florida~seems strange now that I think about it. Yes, we have weeds in our lives that we need to pull and toss away. You have reminded us of several and I thank you for this! I really do! We need to watch our words, actions and our thoughts more carefully and perhaps now that you have reminded us we will do just that! Thanks, Karen, for another ‘winner’. have a fun trip! Margaret

    • Thanks, Margaret. I always appreciate your experience and wisdom and I thank you for your warm wishes for my trip.

  3. Beautifully said, Karen. We have a choice – to let the weeds grow until we have to pull them, or to plant those seeds you spoke of – kindness, charity, compassion, love. Thanks for the reminder.
    And have a marvelous trip!!

  4. Thank you, Carol. I know that you have planted the ‘good’ seeds in your life because everything about you illustrates that. 🙂

  5. Love this blog post! Yes, those weeds in our thoughts, attitudes, and words can drive us crazy! Like you, I’d rather sow seeds of love and kindness and courage and health! 🙂 Have a wonderful time on your western state tour. We’ll have lots to talk about on the B&S retreat!

    • Thanks, Sherry. I look forward to being roommates at the bookies retreat. We will catch up then. I appreciate your comment on my blog.

  6. I loved how you compared weeds in your garden to weedy words and seeds. Nicely written. Your leading beginning was a good “hook”. Have a wonderful time visiting our National parks. Wish I could go with you.

    • Thanks for your kind comment, Roz, and for your good wishes for my trip. I’m excited about it.

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