One weekend recently my husband and I washed our cars by hand. We uncoiled the garden hose, pulled out the car-washing soap, and piled clean towels and rags on a nearby bench. Then we set to work. However, I have to say this is not my favorite thing to do even though I always like the result.

“I’d much rather write a book than wash a car,” I told Charles, as I spritzed the windows. “This is hard work.” I wiped my brow and took sips of water to keep from keeling over in the hot sun.

But as I scrubbed my car, hosed and dried it off, and polished the windows, I thought about how the Lord must clean me up from time to time. He stands me up and hoses me down­­, cleansing me of my mistakes and sins and goof-ups so I am presentable in his sight once again.

If a thorough cleaning is good for my car how much better it is for me.

Cleanse me with hyssop, and I will be clean; wash me, and I will be whiter than snow.

(Psalm 51:7)




Washed Clean — 10 Comments

  1. Karen, you’ve just reminded us of the importance of keeping God in mind whatever we are doing. When we include Him in the equation, all our chores become tolerable. Also, I agree, I’d rather be writing than washing a car. Your “chore” was one more memory you are sharing with your nice husband.

    Bless you, and I hope you’re having a nice summer.

  2. Karen I love the analogy of how you were hosing down your car and polishing it in the hot sun. It is a great reminder that the Lord needs to hose us down regularly and it really helps when we surrender when He’s cleansing us. Thank you for your insightful and inspirational writing.Bless you my friend.

    • Thank you, but since you didn’t leave your name I can’t include your name in my reply. Bless you for writing. I appreciate it.

  3. Beautiful thoughts! Thank you Karen ! Soon after my husband died I learned that the tears I had shed were cleansing and I thanked Him for them ~ some days I felt “white as snow”!
    Whether cleaning a car or cleaning a house it does make us feel good when we are finished, but the cleansing God gives us when he forgives us of our shortcomings, is the greatest “cleaning” in the world!! God’s cleaning is such a blessing! What would I do without it??~~~Remain a sinner~that’s what !!! Aren’t we fortunate that we know HIM and He knows us? AND forgives us!
    Love to you. Margaret

    • Thank you, Margaret. Yes, we are so blessed to be in relationship with our dear Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  4. Karen thanks for the reminder that we can see God’s love in everything we do! I once told about how I was tempted to mop a floor without sweeping it first, but after sweeping it and seeing all the dirt and other small things which were on it, I was reminded of how often we mop & shine our selves, but God has to sweep our heart clean; removing all the little things we missed.

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