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  1. Dear Karen,
    Yes, I do, and it is a sweater! My first husband and I married in Dec. 1947, we lived in Tennessee and it was a very cold winter! He bought me a beautirul “purple” turtle neck sweater made of orlon. The turn down neck was white, the sweater had a draw string at the waist. I have several pictures of me wearing that sweater and it was my favorite!!I was a “skinny little thing then” and I am no longer skinny but I have twin granddaughters who are and they can wear it! I have it in my dresser drawer where I can get to it in a hurry~that is if the weather should get cold enough here in Florida where they both live!! Holly’s favorite color is purple and is with us now so no doubt should it turn cold she will wear it. I have a picture of her twin sister in the sweater. It is sad that they do not make clothes with the same kind of fabric that they used in those days as this sweater is still in great shape with none of the “pills” as I call them, making them look bad.
    Thanks for sharing and I hope you continue to enjoy the “granny sweater” for many years!

    Love to you. Margaret

    • Margaret, this is such a sweet story. It warms my heart as the sweater warms my body. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I had rather be warm than, at all times be in fashion. yes, Karen I could wear the dress I got married in now, since losing weight, but I gave it away years ago after gaining. I have clothes of all size and can’t seem to give them away!!!!

  3. I’m commenting here for my friend Laura. She had trouble posting.

    “Do shoes count? I’m not much of a shoe girl like many women, but I have this one pair that I absolutely love – cute, comfortable, but clearly ready to be thrown out. I can’t do it. Can’t. Have tried and almost succeeded a few times, but alas, to no avail. I think you know what I mean :)”

    Thanks, Laura. Yes, shoes count!!

  4. Hi Karen,

    Yes, the red sweater I hand-knitted myself many years ago when I was living in China. I just can’t make myself get rid of it. Pretty red color, very high quality of wool, although I machine-washed it once and shrank it to a child’s size now! Mostly, because I knitted every single stitch of it. A lot of sentimental value. As a mother and wife in China, it was my duty, besides working full time as a high school teacher, to hand-knit everyone’s sweaters, sweat pants, scarves,, mittens, besides sewing quilts … . What a busy life … Here in America, nothing is required of hands-on. Thank you very much, Karen, for jolting out my memory. Enjoyed your writing as always. Jing

    • Your beautiful red hand-knitted sweater is a real treasure, I’m sure, even if it shrank to a child’s size. It’s a nice reminder of your creative work. My first knitted sweater for my first baby was just the opposite. My stitching was so loose the finished product would have fit my husband!!

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