IMG_1368I agreed to take care of Tanner, my daughter’s family’s dog while they went away for a few days over the Fourth of July. Tanner and I go way back–to the day the family brought him home as a rescue dog. He was a toddler then. Now he’s a middle-aged, seventy-five pound canine that can knock me over with his paws-on-chest welcome when I come through the door.

And when we share the masters’ bed while the family is away, Tanner likes to get close and cozy–even in the summer. He especially enjoys draping his large ahead across my feet. Is he holding me hostage or just being affectionate? Maybe both. He likes to get chummy.

I took him for a forty-minute walk the first morning we were together and he thanked me ever since by lying quietly by my side wherever I sit. He’s quite a pal!

We also played a few games of fetch the ball until we were both worn out. All this to say, I love dogs but I love Tanner in particular. There’s nothing quite like a faithful pet to set the world right side up when you’re feeling upside down.

I’m thanking God today for cats and dogs, who, like the Lord, love us unconditionally. We can learn a lot about relationships from our pets. May it be so.

And God said, “Let the earth bring forth living creatures according to their kinds—livestock and creeping things and beasts of the earth according to their kinds.” And it was so. And God made the beasts of the earth according to their kinds and the livestock according to their kinds, and everything that creeps on the ground according to its kind. And God saw that it was good. (Genesis 1:24-25)



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  1. Ah, so special. Before I had a grandson, I had a grandcat who was a grand cat. So glad you get to enjoy Tanner and what he represents.

  2. Thanks, Karen, for sharing the sweetest story about Tanner. It makes me longing more for the day when I finally can have the time to finally experience that unconditional love with a human’s best friend … Jing

    • I love your comment, Jing. I hope that will be true for you some day when the time is right.

  3. Karen, that’s beautiful. I relate to the joy Tanner brings you, love the photo of him holding you hostage (or loving you), and am glad you have this particular granddog in your life.

    • As a dog lover of your own girls, especially, I know you can relate, Carol. Thanks for your comment.

  4. A beautiful story about a beautiful and special relationship. Thanks for sharing with all of us who have loved pets. I am one who can also attest to the fact that a special animal can turn an upside-down day rightside-up again!

    • Thanks, Glenda. I remember your Westies well. They brought you a lot of joy.

  5. I am so glad you have Tanner for a while and you MAY not want to give him back! I have always loved dogs and have such special memories of them. NOW we have inherited a cat named Nirvana. My Granddaughter could not keep her so she was to stay with us “temporally” but not that she has captured our hearts my granddaughter does not have the heart to take her away! Besides, she has a lot of windows and some sliding glass doors where she can sit and watch the squirrels in the yard, the small salamanders on the screen, I have one photo of her sitting on the window sill and a bird sitting on the outside sill and they are just looking at each other!! She is at home here!
    She arrived soon after out precious Yorkie died so she has filled a void. Since I am at home with her every day she has a habit of getting in my lap about two each afternoon and sleeps all curled up until three. Of course the time depends on HER when she gets in the mood!! One morning I realized I had moaned in my sleep, probably had a bad dream, and I heard Nirvana meowing like I had ever heard with her paws under the door trying to get in! I guess she knew I was ‘hurting’! Naturally I got up and let her know I was fine. She waits for me every morning very patiently just outside my door not making a sound until I open the door and greet her. I pet her, then we both start walking to the kitchen where I get her bag of “treats” from the pantry! Then she is happy! God certainly has blest us with animals. I have several books of true stories about unusual actions by dogs and cats that proves they really are “angels” sometimes and a real blessing.
    Enjoy Tanner! I repeat, I am so glad you have him for a while at least.
    Love Margaret

  6. Sweet story, Karen. We somewhat reluctantly inherited our kids’ dog, Jack, a couple of years ago, determining that, after losing two long-time pooches, this time we wouldn’t get emotionally attached. So much for that. Jack became my pal and walking buddy until the day earlier this year when we had to put him to sleep. I still miss him.

    • What a sweet story, Judy. Thanks for sharing about Jack and how he snuggled into your heart despite your initial resistance!

  7. Karen, thank you for sharing your gift of story. It’s as if I’m in the midst of Tanner’s visit. And, your humor is icing on the cake! Blessings…

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