Are you having a bad day?  Not just a bad hair day—but a bad work day?  Feel like kicking the desk, cussing your boss, firing the air-head who polishes her nails when she’s supposed to be entering data? Go ahead, let off the steam—in your mind or in the ladies’ room—when no one’s around!  God will listen. He can handle your frustrations. He might even agree with some of them.  Go ahead, ask him.

Then grab a pen and paper and write down as fast as you can all the people, situations, and feelings you want to get rid of.  Don’t think too hard. Just take ’em as they come.  Next, put a number in front of each one.

1         Anger

2         Disappointment

3         Airhead Annie

4         Lost promotion

5         Stupid decisions

6         Confusion

7         Art’s indifference

and so on….

Put the list in your purse or briefcase.  Then on the way home, stop somewhere (park, lake, beach, side of the road) and pick up a bunch of stones or rocks.  Not just any old stones.  Be selective. Pick one to represent each item on your list.  A big gray one for that lost promotion.  A white one with gold flecks for Airhead Annie.  A craggy stone for confusion.  Keep going till you have as many stones as you have items. Mark each one with the corresponding number.

Then pitch those stones down a ravine with all you’ve got, or throw them into the lake, or wield them as far as you can across a vacant lot.  Ahhh!  You’ll feel so much better after throwing stones.  It’s incredibly cathartic.  It’s not enough to think the bad stuff away.  It doesn’t leave. It hides in the corner of your mind collecting dust. Then when you least expect it, it comes out to get you.  Better for you to get rid of it now—with an action that satisfies the mind and spirit.

Don’t let the ‘principalities and powers in the unseen world’ keep you stuck in anger, jealousy, disappointment, confusion.  Give each one the heave-ho!  Then sit down and take a big gulp of air, allowing the fresh wind of the Holy Spirit to fill you anew.

 The true test of walking in the Spirit will not be the way we act but the way we react to the daily frustrations of life.  (Beverly LaHaye)




Throwing Stones — 8 Comments

  1. Great idea, Karen! And having the stones/rocks be connected in some way with the person/circumstance is important, I can see that. Thanks!

    • Thanks, Kathy. I’ve done this exercise a few times with my journal-writing groups and it made for a wonderful catharsis and follow-up conversation.

  2. I love this exercise and visual. Great idea, Karen, for really getting the garbage out. Can you imagine if I picked up the rocks, numbered them, and then put them in my purse to carry around. That’s what I often do without realizing how the negative weights me down. I’m ready to throw some rocks.

    • Great analogy, Pam, about carrying the rocks in one’s purse. That’s often what we do symbolically without realizing it. I certainly do. Time for me to throw some rocks, too!

  3. Good word. There’s something about taking an active roll in dispelling those emotions. When we think about them more times than not, the enemy wins and they remain or get worse. Been there. Good post as usual, Karen.

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