The Leaves are Falling (by Charles Flowers, posthumous)) — 33 Comments

  1. I love this and can just imagine him sharing it at Toastmasters. You keep us in touch with the priceless yet temporary things in life. Thank you Karen

    • Thank you, Janet. Charles was a kind of ‘closet’ writer. He spent a lot of time writing his thoughts and dreams and now that he’s gone I’m happy we have some of them to share and enjoy.

    • Thanks, Jim. Brought tears to my eyes too. This is so like the Charles we all knew and loved.

  2. Thanks for the excerpt from Charles’ writings. I have enjoyed reading several of them from those you previously gave me. His thoughts are beautiful and inspirational.

  3. It brought tears to my eyes too! You and Charles were such a handsome couple and I love the way the gray hair on the top of your heads look so much alike!!!
    Thank you for sharing this! Another great memory!
    Love to you, Karen, and may future memories bring your smiles and gratitude for the good life you shared together. Magaret

  4. I was really touched by this. If he used it for a speech ar Toastmasters, I’m sure he received top marks for it. Lovely sentiments and honest thoughts from my dear friend, Charles. Miss him bunches!

  5. Thanks for sharing Charles’ story with us- it really touched my heart. As we age, we all face the fact that we are aging and some parts of life have been disappointing, but as Christians we have God’s promise of support and eternal life. I aspire to be one of those gracious ones whose eyes shine with Jesus love- like yours and Charles’.

  6. How precious to have the written word to bring back memories! I pray when I am pushing the end of my 70’s that I also will be able to look back and “see” things as clearly as Charles did!


  7. Thank you beloved Sister, Karen. As you shared this you truly shared Charles. He was fun and a true Blessing.

    Thank you and GOD BLESS you.

    It was such a Blessing to be together on Easter.


    • Yes, our family Easter celebrating both the risen Christ and your 80th birthday was one of the best get-togethers we’ve ever shared.

  8. That was absolutely beautiful! As I was reading
    I was visualizing Mount Hermon as Charles
    shared every detail! I loved the photo of
    you two! I’m so glad I got to meet and talk
    to your wonderful man! Thanks so much
    for sharing!

  9. So beautifully written. Charles was talented and very loving and appreciative. You two were blessed to share so much Karen and how comforting for you my dear friend to have, to read, and to treasure these memories. Thank you for bringing this offering to us all too. You are loved.

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