0060Imagine how our lives would change if we all began giving what I call invisible gifts. Even those that involve active participation such as taking a bike ride together or planning a picnic, have an element of invisibility––one’s attitude. When we give with a heart full of love and appreciation, we actually bless the other person in a way that a gift in a box never can. Our presence means so much more than mere presents.

During this season of life when you’re letting go of some of your tangibles and visibles, you may want to create an entirely new kind of gift to give your loved ones.



• A Smile – How many of us think of smiling as a gift? And yet it is one of the most powerful unspoken gifts we can give.  Try it out and see for yourself.  Not only will you be blessing others, but you will be blessed in return when the other person shares his or her smile.

• Eye Contact – In general, people don’t look at one another. They don’t connect at the level of spirit.  It is said the eyes are windows to the soul. Give the gift of eye contact and you’ll notice a closer and more compassionate connection between you and your family member.

• Silence (especially when you’re aching to speak!) – What a gift of self this is.  Most of us have plenty to say, usually too much, especially to our spouses and adult children.  What if we were to speak less and listen more?  Consider what our silence might ‘say’ to that person?  “I love you.” “I appreciate you.” “I’m here for you.”  These are just some of the invisible gifts that silence bestows.

• Apology – Now there’s a gift that’s in short supply! Most of us are so busy being right or pressing our point we rarely stop to realize that we could be incorrect, insensitive, ungrateful, at least sometimes.

Two of the most powerful words on the planet are “I’m sorry.” I doubt there’s anyone anywhere who wouldn’t appreciate the humble gift of apology for wrongs committed, hurts planted, anger rooted, neglect fostered.

“A word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver” (Proverbs 25:11 NIV). Anyone who has been hurt or who has hurt another and then becomes reconciled knows the value of this proverb.


This service that you perform is not only supplying the needs of God’s people but is also overflowing in many expressions of thanks to God (2 Corinthians 9:12).


Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us daily.

Sally Koch



The Gift That Keeps on Giving — 12 Comments

    • Thanks, Marie. I’m camping and hiking at the moment. Wonderful to be in God’s creation.

    • Hi Karen, Thanks for this great message on the priceless gifts we can give our family and friends. I never thought of silence as being a gift, but what a gift to keep quiet instead of throwing in my unasked for advice and judgements.

  1. I love this. You are so right. Just being ourselves and giving that to others esp a spouse are great gifts. Would probably be allot less breakups eh?!

  2. About smiles: I have always smiled a lot and when people comment on how much it means I tell them: “it improves my face value” !
    Did you notice the July 8th quote on our Irish calendar? : ” A happy marriage is the union of two good forgivers!”

  3. So true. Our time and our love, shown in our attitude, are the greatest gifts we can give. Thanks for the reminder.

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