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  1. From a woman who grew up in El Cajon, California when there were still , horny toads, grape vineyards and tumbleweeds, I appreciated your mountaintop perspective.

    • Thanks, Karen. How nice to know you what the place I wrote about. I appreciate your sharing.

  2. Karen your story was so heartwarming! God sees the big picture and we only see in part. One day in heaven we will understand it all!

  3. Good one Karen. This is how the Lord talks to me most of the time, through natural occurrences. Like you, if we just pay attention to things around us, there’s a million articles out there, since all truth is parallel. Isn’t it great when the Lord speaks to us in any fashion? It’s personal contact that is the real blessing huh?

  4. Oh! Karen. Exactly why I still go out and up!! Nothing like that outdoor, open, clear, peaceful and happy place to BE. No cell phones, no iPads, no television, no cars, no obtrusive noises. All beautiful, calm and reassuring. Mother Nature at her finest and EVERYTHING filled with GOD’s love and grace. Gives one time to contemplate.
    Glad you and I have the opportunity each summer to camp and hike in the Sierras. Refreshes us and gives us strength to share our love and knowledge of GOD with all.
    Keep on writing. Your stories are very wonderful and thought provoking. Bless you my friend.

  5. Oh, Karen, this is so true – we get tangled up in the brush of life and our shortsightedness feeds the discouragement and despair of the yo-yo trail. Yet, if we persist . . . We’re headed for a two-week vacation, and I plan to do some hiking. You are such an inspiration! I love you!

    • Thanks, Michele. You inspire me too. I love reading your blog. Have a great vacation and hike. Charles and I are going on a British Hymn Sing Tour of England and Wales from Sept. 17-30 and will keep the higher view in mind as we travel. Blessings to you and your sweetheart.

  6. Dear Karen, I appreciate your story about the perspective you gained from hiking. I took a nice “hike” along the beach this past weekend and while not up on a mountaintop, I found calm and peace and perspective just looking at the expanse of the ocean, the rhythm of the waves and the seagulls over head. Time away to pray and reflect on God’s creation is always good medicine!

    • Thank you, Glenda. I so agree with you–whether one hikes a mountain or strolls a beach, God’s beauty sustains and inspires us. I love the outdoors for that reason. In fact, I’m going for a walk right now!

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