The Beautiful Canadian Rockies — 20 Comments

  1. Thank you Karen for sharing. I love your pictures.
    What a awesome God we have that has given us so
    much beauty in the world for us to enjoy.

  2. Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing all these great photo’s with us. When Herb and I took a trip out west we went from Washington State into Canada and then across Canada until we were ‘above’ Maine, and then came back into the states. Canada really was a beautiful country and we certainly enjoyed every moment. People were so friendly!
    I am so glad you are getting to go on these great trips and able to walk and enjoy the beauty!
    Blessings with Love. Margaret

    • Thanks for sharing your experience of Canada, Margaret. I imagine you have some amazing memories of all the beauty and the lovely people.

  3. Hello Karen, Walter, and I are so happy to see you enjoying your life! My best friend Donna Poole, and I were blessed to have a few of our senior moments in your book. Donna passed away Sunday August 27th, she wanted me to let you know how much you blessed her life with your books, and having her senior moments in your book. It’s been heartbreaking, as you very well know. We miss her so much, we were friends for over 20 yrs. Whenever I was down she would call us, just like she knew I was having a bad day, and vice versa. We gave praise to the Lord for each other. I wish I could send you the last picture she had taken with her spaniel Beauty. Thank you so much for your encouraging books.

    • Cathy and Walter, so GOOD to hear from you. It’s been a while. I’m very sorry to hear of Donna’s passing, though I’m grateful she’s in the arms of the Lord she loved and served. Thank you for sharing her message to me. I treasure all three of you as friends. Many blessings on you in the days ahead.

  4. What wonderful memories. And I’m glad you found the Canadians to be lovely people, since some of my people are there! Love the photos.

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