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  1. I like your photo, Karen, exquisite, cute, vibrant, healthy, energetic and beautiful! Very impressive interview. And thanks for the recommendation of Marjorie Holmes’ book on writing. I just got one on amazon. It’s good to see you again. Jing

    • I appreciate your kind comments, Jing. Glad you were able to get the book I recommended. It’s one of my favorites.

  2. Thanks for your inspiring interview, Karen. Loved the little details, like your office set up, your paperless filing system, and your best writing time. Writing what you live confirmed to me that passions naturally change and that’s a good thing. What a blessing to look back and remember the prophetic words spoken by your teacher and your mother. Thank you for sharing all these things.

    • Thank you, Nancy, for taking a moment to listen to the audio and for noting all the details. I hope they were helpful to you.

  3. Ms. O’connor, not only was this interview helpful and very encouraging to me, but your no bologna speech it was refreshing. Your chief interest in aiding people along who want to write really comes through. Your son directed me here when I expressed an interest in writing ad copy. I see where he gets his skills and ethics now. Thank you for presenting all of this for guys like me. Blessings on you and your whole family.



    PS: Jim is a gem. I’m positive you are a very proud mom!

    • Chris, thanks for taking the time to comment and to appreciate the writing advice on my podcast. And I also thank you for complimenting my son. I agree. He is a ‘gem.’

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