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  1. Like Marie (above) I have been cleaning out a closet today !! All ten suggestions are great but I have trouble with # 9 !! I beat myself over the head when I say or do something I wish I hadn’t! I thank God HE forgets it AND forgives me when I ask Him!! OH, and # 5 is not really practical for me because of age and mobility, however, I DO take time every night before I read something inspirational just before going to bed,to play a few games of solitaire ! Does that count??
    Thanks ! Margaret

    • Sure, playing Solitaire counts! Anything we do to relax ourselves and have some play time is good for us in all ways, I believe.

  2. Dear Karen,

    Thank you so very much for the ten life-saving tips. They are all heart-felt. Esp. #9, Forgive yourself for the past mistakes you’ve made, sounds like it were specifically stated toward me. I’ve always been trying to be perfect and very hard on myself.

    I also love the quote from the Bible, Fear not … God’s message is so comforting to my heart. Thank you so much. I feel so blessed to have found your link here after your most enriching workshop from the Mt. Hermon Christian Writers Conference.

    Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

    • Thanks, Jing. How nice to hear from you. I’m glad my suggestions are meaningful to you. Take care.

  3. Simple yet profound. Thank you for these. I’m going to print them out and post them where I can see it every day. The one I have the most trouble with is number 5. I love to take a day to curl up and read, but I feel guilty because my hard-working hubby is putting in 11-hour days. I think I will take some time and clean a closet this week. One closet or drawer or cupboard a week – now that’s not intimidating! Thank you fir your practical, inspiring posts, Karen, that help me to see life and the issues

    • Thanks, Michele. It’s nice to hear that my list is a blessing to you. I really appreciate your support.

  4. thanks Karen for the words of wisdom. I am taking care of Bob full time. He can get demanding sometimes and your reminder will help. I have been looking thru my things and sitting out the pretty ones-it helps!

    • I imagine it’s difficult some days since you are the full time caregiver, Mary. I hope you are taking time out for yourself, as well. Bless you both as you carry on.

  5. Karen that list is very meaningful to me. If we could do those things on a consistent basis it would really make life so much more fulfilling, peaceful and happy. Bless you and your family Karen. Thank you for inspiring me and countless others.

    • Thanks, Sandy. I’m happy to hear the list is helpful. I really appreciate your support.

    • It brings me a lot of joy to support you! You are such an inspiration and blessing to me and everyone you touch. You are a gift to humanity!
      Love you Karen!

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