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  1. Those times of refreshing are great. Recently I had a couple major things that hit me all at once. I’m sorry to admit that they overwhelmed me. However, it was like the Lord tapped me on the shoulder and I knew I had to get alone with Him. Sometimes a good ride in the country relaxes me. I took a three hour trip to visit a friend and my best friend showed up on the trip. What an awesome time I spent with Him. Three hours with the Lord was great and REFRESHING. I’m back on track now and one issue is resolved. Thank you Lord. Even when I neglect the Lord, He doesn’t neglect me. I rely on those refreshing times with Him. What an awesome God we serve.

    • So true, Jim. I had two amazing experiences this week, as well. One event kept me up half the night with indecision and the other with worry–even though I know worry never accomplishes anything good. Within a short time both problems were resolved according to God’s will and by his grace. When I take my hands off, answers come!

  2. Plenty, dear Karen, plenty … Lord Jesus showered me a great deal plenty with his love and inspiration to give me abundance … He saved me before I was born … escaped unscathed from my mother’s heavy pinewood washboard trying to push me out of her … God made sure I didn’t physically die from those multiple near-deaths episodes as a burn-unwanted small child living through the world’s worst manmade famine, family neglect and abuse, … He especially made sure my intelligence and brain stayed highly intact during the intense brainwash from the chaos of the Cultural Revolution … and, amazingly, above all, He saw through that I became a top-rated high school English teacher … and enabled me to compete to become a runaway No. 1 winner out of the whole Shanxi Province to come to America … and, He gave me the chance to meet in person various Christian angels … and, He elated me to a brand-new higher level when I was lost and seriously let down as a battered American public high school teacher of 20 years … dear Karen, did you know, I was at my darkest and lowest professional age when I met you at the Mt. Hermon? … You made me feel like a winner … And, yes, my Heavenly Father made me an award-winning writer! … through a special angel like you, Karen … I can’t wait to put together an anthology of my heart-felt songs to praise my God, my Heavenly Father, my Lord Jesus … Thanks, Karen, for inspiring me, and for everything … Thank you so much. Jing

    • Jing, your lovely comment has ‘made’ my day. Thank you for your kind words. The Lord had his hand on you and still does. I’m so happy we had a chance to meet and become friends.

  3. This is beautiful, Karen! I am thankful for your rain!
    God has rescued me so many times! I needed HIM so bad after my divorce, and during my lonely hours and He always let me know that HE was always with me. I could never explain why He has been so good to me but I can only express my gratitude to Him for saving me so many times. My daughter remarked just today about some of the hard times she and her husband have been thru and she said she had always had to finally just trust God that He would never fail them and of course she was right! It truly is amazing how God will lead us, direct our paths but of course we have to be willing to follow Him. Sometimes I have not followed as soon as I should but if I try I can always feel His love and comforting peace surrounding me.
    Thank you for more great thoughts to ponder!
    Love, Margaret

    • Margaret, it is always so good to hear from you and to read more of your experiences. This week has already given me examples of God’s grace and mercy as I sorted through some tough problems but sure enough, I did receive solutions and then peace came over me, as it always does when I listen to the Lord.

  4. This morning, when I heard the rain it sounded like a declaration of God’s love and grace. I sure needed it! I too have had some new, heavy concerns arise during the last week. I feel very encouraged by your post, and by the two inspiring testimonies in the comments above. Whatever we face, God is greater and His grace is enough.

    • Thank you, Columba. I’m so pleased to hear that you are leaning on God’s grace. I am too, and I had two amazing answers to prayer already this week. I’m more convinced than ever that when I turn to the Lord first (before I meddle) the answers come quickly and clearly.

  5. Karen, I appreciate your post. I too have needed God’s refreshing often and love hearing your reminder that when we ask, God responds … He is so very ready to answer us.

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