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  1. Karen, you are such an inspiration to me. I love how you have “set your face like a flint” toward believing and trusting, in the shadows as well as the sunshine. May Easter bring you some unexpected joys. HUGS. Kristi

  2. Thank you, Dear Karen!
    Sometimes instead of asking “why me” I actually say: “Why NOT me?” It does not take away the pain but it makes me think of all the blessings I have received and must think on ‘these things’ as I grieve. So difficult at times but I can always see “others” who are suffering more and have not had the blessings I have received. As I have often said, these positive thoughts do NOT take away the TEARS AND GRIEF but it does help. When my daughter had a near fatal auto accident I asked her how she was feeling and she said she had been thinking of how good the nurses and doctors had been to her and thought of Jesus when he was hanging on the cross and “NO ONE GAVE HIM A DRINK OF WATER”!
    What a thought for a 19 year old!
    God IS good and He will never forsake us. He is with us always~this I believe!!
    I love you, and keep you in my prayers.!

    • Beautiful illustration from your life, Margaret. You have some of the best examples. Thanks, always, for sharing them with my readers and with me.

  3. Karen, this is so beautiful. Often it is a thin line between happiness and sadness, but He is beside us through both.

    And Margaret, thank you for your beautiful response.

    Blessed Easter to you both.

    Karen, I feel so blessed to have had you in my life. You’ll never know what a big part you played.

    • Thank you, Marie. It works both ways. You have inspired me as a person who walks the widow’s path and who has made a new and beautiful life after your husband’s passing, and then contributed so much to so many through your writing.

  4. Amen to that Marie. Karen you are a real and inspiring example to all of us as we deal with life’s issues. Your faith (and our faith) has made us whole. We are bathed in continuous love and blessings as we venture forth with the realization that each day is a gift to be enjoyed and shared with compassion and love. Happy EASTER to all.XO.

    • Kathleen, a most Happy Easter to you and Don, as well, and thank you for your kind and loving words. I’m coming along by God’s grace and with the memories of a good life with Charles for the years God gave us.

  5. Thank you, once again for your inspiration and encouragement. I value each message as I value knowing you. Your grasp and application of ROMANS 8:28, says it all.

    GOD BLESS you and keep you, dear sister.

    See you soon,

    In HIS Love,


    • Yes, Romans 8:28 does say it all. If we trust God to do what he promises, we will always be safe and secure in all ways and for all time and eternity. I cling to this truth and I know you do too.

  6. Dear Karen,

    What an inspiration and great teacher you are to me. First, thank you for teaching me what Palm Sunday is when Jesus riding on a donkey to town with Hallelujahs all around, and just days later He was crucified. I’m a new comer as a believer, there’s so much basics for me to catch up. I love your writing, refreshing, simple and easy to understand. And I’m also awed by your great strength, esp. after the greatest loss of your love Charles. I found your message today so enlightening when you pointed out that, if we let it, life will turn into disappointment. You made me think about myself, how I often times am so self-centered, instead of being considerate to think about others. I missed you at the Mount Hermon conference. Felt so bad that I only got to see you too briefly. Also allowed some other disappointment to occupy my thoughts during the Conference. Thanks, Karen, for being my enlightening angel. Really hope to get to see you soon. May God bless your beautiful soul. Jing

  7. Thank you, Jing. I would have enjoyed more time with you too, but I stayed for just one afternoon and overnight. I hope you had a good conference and were encouraged with your writing. Last year was such a highlight for you, as I remember well. Take care.

  8. My heart goes out to you Karen. The Bible is a comfort to me during the times of trouble and grief, and Jesus IS the Word. I have personally lost many family members over these last 7-8 years, and my only sanity is the Word of God and fellowship with Him. In searching for answers, I have become closer to Him. Have all my questions been answered? No. It is then that I give it to God, the Creator of the universe and all that is in it. I leave the secret things to God as Deuteronomy 29:29 tells us. It’s hard to beat the Psalms, however, for the comforting of the soul. God bless you Karen.

    • Thank you, Jim. You always have such comforting things to say and then you point me to the pertinent Scripture verses. I really appreciate that.

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