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  1. I needed to slow down and know God in this moment. Most of the day I have been feeling very thankful but the things I must not forget to do are so distracting. I love the way you placed knowing and being before your other reminder notes.

  2. Be still and KNOW that I am God is one of my many favorite verses!! Sticky notes?? Well, I am not as organized as you and do not have a certain place for my sticky notes SO many times I am surprised to find one that I had forgotten about. The good news is they are not reminders of something that I need to do but just notes I want to keep? Makes no sense what-so-ever but I still have one by my chair in the bedroom stuck on the end of the table that no one sees unless they are sitting in my chair~~one that I found by the coffee pot one morning not long ago that my daughter Tanya had written before she went to work. It simple said, ” I love you”! Now THAT’S a note worth keeping! It reminds me that God is telling me this each morning also. He does love me ALL THE TIME ! and I love you, Karen, and thank you for all your great thoughts! Margaret
    P.S. I was happy to see two of your books advertised in my new Traditions catalogue.
    (two of your books are advertised in my new Traditions Catologue.

    • Again, God has used you to speak to me Karen. As some painful storms are brewing on the horizon of 2016 I am fretting. While I take time out for prayers, reading God’s word and being still ( in a fetal position from fear at times) the reminder that God is control of those things that I can’t- those things I can’t fix with my sticky notes is powerful. “To KNOW that I am God” is a a higher command than “remember”- it’s stronger faith with open handed surrender. I wish I could find a Christian friend/mentor like you in my community in Canada – will keep praying. Thanks again for allowing God to work through you and sharing your life as you navigate life! Love your books too!

    • Thank you, Margaret. What fun to hear that you spotted two of my books in the Traditions Catalogue. And Iā€™m happy to know that the verse I chose is one of your favorites too.

  3. My heart let out a happy, reassuring relief as I read “Be still and know that I’m God.” Amen! Thank you so very much, Karen, for relaying our loving God’s message. I need to hear it often. Daily. Jing

    • Thank you, Jing. I’m smiling as I read about the relief you felt when you read, “Be still and know that I am God.” I’m relieved too!

  4. Hi Karen, Ahhhhhhh, I’m not alone with the sticky note thing. Lol. They make great book marks and notes to self. I have them literally plastered all over my desk and on its sides. Lol lol. As for Psalms 46:10, great verse. I love that one. It’s so easy to get caught up in doing things for God that I forget ABOUT God. Although I love the Lord and try my best to do what He’s mandated and asked of me, I sometimes treat God like my boss instead of my friend. Yes sir, right away sir, sorry sir, etc. God wants my heart, not my hands. Sometimes that balance is tough because I know that faith without works is dead. That’s why I love this verse. I just try and be still and concentrate on Him, and thank Him, and worship Him, and seek Him, and lean on Him, and, and, and. . . .

  5. yes Karen I agree. we all should take the time to be still and know he is God! I use sticky notes to remind myself of an appointment.

  6. I love that someone else is a sticky note person, especially in this techno world of tweets and posts! I still prefer a Post It =) They cover my computer, my bulletin board, planner and desk too. And thank you for the reminder to be still and remember who God is. Nothing happens apart from him so unless I give it up to Him first, it doesn’t matter how many sticky notes I have!

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