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  1. So cute, Karen. Kids STILL say the darndest things! I just received my copy of MY FAVORITE SENIOR MOMENTS and thank you so much. I look forward to reading and enjoying it. Much love, Carol

    • Thanks, Carol, for your comment and for your wonderful support and friendship over the years we’ve known each other.

  2. So cute and innocent! A friend of mine had a nude woman’s picture hanging in her laundry room~which did not really seem obscene but was just a pretty picture. ( so she told me~I never did see it).One of her granddaughters saw it and told her grandmother right quick that she should take it down because it was NOT nice!
    I will be looking forward for more humorous stories.
    Love and blessings to you and Charles.

    • Thanks, Margaret. The story your friend shared about the ‘pretty picture’ is really cute. Made me smile.

    • Thanks, Kristi. I agree that out of the mouths of babes–and oldsters too!

  3. Dear Karen, thanks for the lovely and cute story. That’s why I love teaching kids. Their innocent minds challenge profound maturity. And their perceptions are so precious and enriching! Jing

    • Jing, you are so right. Hanging out with kids brings as many lessons, or more, than sitting in a classroom.

  4. The innocence of kids is easily misdirected, huh Karen. It’s beautiful isn’t it – until they lose it. You could write a book, right? LOL. Keep me in the loop as per release date, k?

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