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  1. Karen, I have trouble sleeping, also. I use natural Melatonin. And I must stay off caffeine. I slip up sometimes and drink some, and have to PAY! I like your way best!!!

  2. Thanks, Mary. I have used natural Melatonin too. It does help, especially when I’m away from home. But in recent months the custom I described in the blog has really worked for me.

  3. Now, I’m no nutritionist, but isn’t melatonin a natural occurring chemical in the body? I have seen it shelved at Costco and have wondered about trying it. I might one of these days.

    Although I like the sound of the ‘mellow tone in’ Christ. It usually takes me an hour or better to get to sleep sometimes. BOO-O-O-O. But I guess that gives me more prayer time eh?

  4. Also Karen, isn’t breathing an Eastern type of altered state of consciousness, Yoga, or something to that affect. Check it out. I’m not sure. Just thinking about wrong stuff going into my friend in California. I’ll have to research that as well. I could be completely off base on this but thought it was worth mentioning anyway. GB

    • Breathing is what we all do–to stay alive! Deep breaths help one relax and calm the body’s organs so sleep can come in a natural way. No worries! Also helps in times of stress.

  5. I guess I am one of the fortunate ones who RARELY has a problem going to sleep. I hardly move during the night. If I do wake up I lie still and most of the time it is not long until I am back snoozing! I did have a period of time years ago when I had a problem for a while and (you’re going to love this one) heard if you “relax your tongue” sort of leave it in limbo not touching the roof of your mouth -just let it hang there (smile or laugh) you will drift off in la la land! It actually worked!!! Glad I don’t have to do that anymore as you feel pretty stupid!!

    I hate to admit this but one way to get to sleep is to start praying for the many people on my prayer list and the first thing I know I am asleep !!

    Blessings and “Goodnight” Margaret

  6. I have the same experience. In addition to your remedy I also listen the the radio at times. Of course , I don’t have anyone to be disturbed by the sound. When that doesn’t work, I lay there and sing hymns and gospel songs in my mind. Great way to praise the Lord.
    I love all you writings and don’t often comment. Keep sending them!!!

  7. I had trouble sleeping for years and years. I tried everything to no avail. Finally I asked my doctor for a prescription sleeping pill, which is the only thing that works for me. No grogginess in the morning, and I get at least 4-5 hours of a solid block of sleep a night. Feeling so much better through the day, too. It all started with menopause. No fun. I’m finding sleep problems are more common than I realized. I really feel for those who struggle with it.

  8. So enjoyed this message, Karen. I certainly can identify with the sleeping pattern you have described and can testify that it truly works. And drawing closer to The LORD is the best part. May GOD RICHLY BLESS you and all those you love.

    • Jay, good to hear from you. Thanks for chiming in and may God bless you and Linda too.

  9. Karen, you inspire me, how beautiful, chatting with God during your sleepless time.

    I also make sure my physical body is tired enough to make it easy for me to fall asleep. It works most of time. I walk/jog 5 to 6 miles a day.

    • Congratulations on all that walking. I walk nearly everyday, as well, but usually about two miles. I do find that exercise also helps with sleeplessness.

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