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  1. You are so right, Karen! The other thing I often thank God for is indoor plumbing! I still remember Grandma’s outhouse in the dead of winter up north, and how excited she was at the age of 65 to get indoor plumbing. That bathroom always just shone! Yes, we take a lot granted – we have so much to be thankful for!

    • I enjoyed your story about your grandmother and indoor plumbing. One of my uncles had the same predicament early on.

  2. Karen, such a great reminder of our many blessings we forget to appreciate because we have never been without—something as simple as water. So glad you brought up Jesus’ living water. Now, THAT’S something I never want to be without! Having been to several third world countries, I can appreciate all that we have at our fingertips here in this country. God bless America this 4th and always. love, Heidi

  3. Dear Karen,
    I agree that it is so easy to forget all the blessings we have, individually and corporately, by living in the United States. I was recently reminded of this same thing from author John Piper when he said, “God is always doing 10,000 things in our lives- and on a good day we might be aware of 3 of them!” Such is the kind of gentle conviction that I often find myself experiencing when I take time out of my busy day to just sit quietly and meditate on all my blessings. God’s love, mercy and grace continue to astound me to the point where sometimes words seem inadequate to express or fathom the depth of my gratitude. Sending love, hugs and blessings across the miles to you and yours today! Glenda

  4. Dear Karen,

    Thank you for your clear picture of how we are to be grateful for all of GOD’s Gifts.

    In HIS NAME.


    • Thanks for reading and commenting, Jay. May you and Linda be blessed with a lovely summer.

  5. Hi Karen. Thanks for the reminder of what we so often take for granted in this nation of plenty. I have thought about how blessed we are to have what we have in America, but not as often as I should. Your blog is a blessing to me. I am buried in my writing projects so I do not get a chance to comment on many of your wonderful blogs. However, I DO read them. God bless you Karen, real good.

    • Jim, how good to hear from you. It’s been an age since we connected. I’m so happy to hear you are writing. I am too–another book for Harvest House. Take care and thanks for reading my blogs.

  6. Ah,what memories and how we take for granted “water”! I was eleven years old when we had our first indoor plumbing. One place where we lived did not have a well nor any means to get water, so we had to get it from a neighbor who had a deep well. Dad made a trailer to pull behind the car,had one or two large barrels and he would drive to the neighbors, fill the barrels, one bucket at a time. Mom would go to the barrels with a bucket, or get one of the three boys that were still at home to go, to have water for cooking and for all of us to drink and YES take baths!! We had a bucket of water with a dipper in it on a table in the kitchen where we got a drink of water. YES, we drank from the same dipper unless we had a cold and if we had more in the dipper than we drank we would pour it in the small wash pan beside the bucket. We washed our hands in that water. You may wonder what we did with the ‘dirty water’? We probably had a large bucket on the floor to pour it in and when it got full one of the ‘boys’ would take it outside and pour it in the yard. I really do not remember that for sure but I was eleven when we moved from that place. Funny thing, we rarely got sick! I am sure if one of us should have a cold Mom would get us a glass to drink out of. SORRY for the history! I am glad I have had to do without and really know how to appreciate “water”. it still just “kills me” (ha) to see people let the water flow full stream when it is not necessary-like when brushing our teeth! God’s living water is the most precious and I hope and pray I can keep receiving it day by day! I just have to ask for it and be willing to receive it! Thanks, Dear, for the reminder of how fortunate we are! Love, Margaret

  7. Margaret, what a sweet and tender story from your childhood. I can see why you are so grateful for the water that flows freely from our faucets. As a California resident who has lived through our four-plus year drought, I have learned to appreciate and use carefully the water we now have. Thank God for the blessing of rain we had this year.

  8. What a great reminder for many of us. Water has so many properties and uses. The Scriptures talk of it so often, yet we take it for granted. Thanks for another of you precious messages.

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