Senior Moments and Then Some . . . — 9 Comments

  1. Now I know what I’m going to ask my kids to get me for Mother’s Day! Thanks for keeping us laughing. (BTW, my mom was 88 on April 8. Must have been a good energetic date to be born on!) Happy belated birthday, Karen!

    • Thanks, Carol. I’m home safe from our cruise and thinking of you and Don as you continue yours.

  2. I saw them advertised in Guideposts and today I received a couple of books I had ordered and your books were listed there with “stickers” of other books available that we can send in to order when we pay the bill so I have already ordered my copies!! I think I already have one of them but if I do I will give it to someone else and I know I don’t have the “Grandkids” one HA! Can’t wait to read that one!
    Love you,and ‘again’ I want to say I am so happy you are now connected with Guideposts!

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