I’m excited to announce the Guidepost Books ‘rollout’ of three of my Harvest House books on April 22–just a few days from now. Here’s a pic of the three the company selected. With the purchase of the two large books you receive the small one as a bonus.

available now

Here’s the link: http://bit.ly/SrMoments1

It’s Taken Years to Get This Old is one that is especially dear to my heart because the title says it all. It has taken years to get to this age–78 on April 8. I can hardly believe that I’m truly old–in body at least. But I am so grateful to have reached this stage and to enjoy the benefits that come with it.

This book is filled with funny stories based on many of my experiences and those of others who were kind enough to share them with me. One woman told me she has used this book along with her bible so she can have a good laugh and then ponder the scripture verse and short prayer for the day. What a blessing to hear that.

My Favorite Senior Moments: From the Funny Side of the Street is also a book that will warm your heart and tickle your funny bone as you see yourself in more than one story.

And finally, Grandkids Say the Cutest Things. I had to write this book. After all I have eight biological grands and two adopted ones. They have been speaking to me since they uttered their first words, so my mind is overflowing with the cute things they say and keep on saying even as young adults.

Six-year-old Miles was sick over the holidays one year so when I asked him later how he felt he replied: “I’m tired. I have to start getting to bed earlier. I’ve been keeping teenagers’ hours.”

I have also included many funny remarks from my friends’ grandchildren. This little book makes a darling gift for new grandparents.

So if you’re looking for a chuckle or two or more and want to share them with friends and family, consider checking out the special promo from Guideposts Books. Here’s the link again:


Thank you for your support and faithful reading.

“I will be your God throughout your lifetime–until your hair is white with age. I made you, and I will care for you. I will carry you along and save you.”
(Isaiah 46:4)




Senior Moments and Then Some . . . — 9 Comments

  1. Now I know what I’m going to ask my kids to get me for Mother’s Day! Thanks for keeping us laughing. (BTW, my mom was 88 on April 8. Must have been a good energetic date to be born on!) Happy belated birthday, Karen!

    • Thanks, Carol. I’m home safe from our cruise and thinking of you and Don as you continue yours.

  2. I saw them advertised in Guideposts and today I received a couple of books I had ordered and your books were listed there with “stickers” of other books available that we can send in to order when we pay the bill so I have already ordered my copies!! I think I already have one of them but if I do I will give it to someone else and I know I don’t have the “Grandkids” one HA! Can’t wait to read that one!
    Love you,and ‘again’ I want to say I am so happy you are now connected with Guideposts!

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