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  1. This is so true, Karen! I am so thankful that I have a great memory and can “re-live” growing up as the “baby” of seven, our family reunions, and our visits as we got “older”. I am the only one left of the seven and there are special “dishes” that my siblings made that NO ONE can duplicate!! No one could make chocolate covered cherries and other candy like one of my sisters. Another made the best pies, etc.! My Mother-in-law made the best SEVEN LAYER coconut cakes and nut cakes using just a “pinch of this and that” and just the right amount of flour and liquid to make the “right texture” !! After many trials I finally made one that was ALMOST as good as hers! THANKS for bringing back some great memories! Thanks for your Auntie’s secret ! One secret I learned about chocalate chip cookies is to press on the chocalate chips after the cookies are done to spread them thru the cookie! Yummy.
    Love to you, margaret

    • Thank you, Margaret. Your sweet memories bring a smile to my face. I can almost taste the delicious seven-layer cakes you described.

  2. This is a beautiful story, Karen, and you had a beautiful auntie. I had several of them (some great aunts), and I can’t tell you how I miss them. Only one was a really great cook, but they all served up their share of sweetness.
    This post–your admotion to appreciate people now while you can–strikes me with especial poignancy. Thank you for sharing it and for holding so closely and tenderly all whom you love. I will do thte same.

    • Thank you, Lynni. I’m so happy to hear you too, have happy memories of your favorite aunties.

  3. I appreciate you and your down-to -earth approach to life. Learn from yesterday, hope for tomorrow, but live today, cherishing, relishing, and savoring it moment by moment. I have to force my mind off yesterday, off what I’m going to make for supper or accomplish on the do list, and open my heart, mind, and spirit to the NOW. Thank you for this timely reminder! Love you!

  4. Re: “How is it that after people die we appreciate them more than we did when they were alive? Or remember with fondness the things they were known for?”

    Karen, I think the answer to your question is this:

    Instead of focusing on things to be grateful for about the living
    we focus on what grates on us and, before you know it, they’re gone.

    Thanks for sharing such a sweet memory Karen.

    (You made me hungry for something sweet and I just resolved to eliminate sugar from my diet. Great…now I have to start all over again. Lol.)

    Smiles, BRC

    • Thanks, Beth. How nice to hear from you–even if it means you have to start all over again with your commitment to eliminate sugar! Sorry about that. Maybe you can just enjoy the ‘look’ instead of the taste.

  5. Dear Karen,

    Thank you for the wonderful message about treasuring/living the moment. I wish someone had taught me this many years ago … so I don’t have to live through so many regrets … but it’s good reminder for my future. And your fine writing is like your aunt’s delicious and beautiful cake! I see God’s amazing Grace in your writing. I love it. Jing

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