clip_xmas treeIt’s time to pull down the Christmas boxes, haul the fake tree into the living room, line the windows with colorful lights, and decorate the tree. Can you tell I’m not excited about what’s ahead? Lord, it seems like a lot of work to me. At this stage of life I’d be satisfied with the tabletop tree we put in the kitchen window. The tiny ornaments and winking lights are just right for me. I can put together the whole ensemble and pack it up after Christmas in ten minutes. But it’s not enough for my husband. He’s a Christmas ‘freak’ as he refers to himself. He loves draping garland around the china cabinet, placing berries and colored balls in flower vases, and hanging our stockings with care from the knobs on our entertainment center.

Most of all he enjoys placing the little Santa face light bulb front and center on the tree—just below the small wooden crèche. It doesn’t light up anymore but it did a long time ago when he was a boy in his parents’ home. It’s the last remnant of those Christmases past. When we move on from our earthly home, he hopes one of our kids will pick up the little Santa and carry on the tradition. I’m not sure that will happen. They have families of their own now and are creating customs they hope their children will remember. And so it goes—one generation after another celebrating Christmas in its own way. But most important, Lord, is the tie that binds all of us together––your birth. We may deck our halls with boughs of holly, but we proclaim in song and story the coming of Jesus Christ, the one tradition we will never minimize.




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  1. Reading this story about the Santa Face light bulb makes me think it’s time to dust off my own family heirlooms and get them on my fake tree! I have several ornaments from my own family and my husband’s family–some dating back over 75 years. Like you, I hope my own kids decide to keep some of these precious keepsakes.

    Sending love and blessings to you both during this Holy season.

    • That’s so neat to hear, Glenda. Traditions and mementos from the past are so precious, especially as we get older.

  2. I have to “vote” with Charles on the garland etc ! I put garland around most anything and Tanya (daughter) never did use a lot of it but since I am now living with them she is soooo happy for me to put garland behind her ‘village’ and across the piano top with the snowmen standing tall and the pine cones making it look so festive!
    Tanya is so sweet and says that she just cannot place it like I can but admits she loves it!! So: thats my job!
    I have one of my parents ornaments and I have no idea how old it is. I am 87 and I don’t ever remember NOT seeing this small red clear glass ‘grape’ on our tree. Tanya loves it too and so do her twin daughters, sooo I have a feeling your children and grandchildren will cherish the “little Santa face light bulb !
    Reading my advent booklet puts me in the true spirit of Christmas.
    Jesus is the best gift of all!
    Love, margaret

    • How nice, Margaret, that you and Tanya are enjoying the Christmas decorating together. You’re making beautiful memories, as are we.

  3. Growing up in the unfortunate dark, God-less land China, I L-O-V-E the amazing Christmas time in America … the cheerful Christmas songs and music … the wonder-land lights of pretty colors on people’s houses … the well-wishes and happy greetings … it’s truly wonderful … nothing I could’ve ever imagined before … I love America … I love America’s Christmas the best!

    Thanks, Karen, for the beautiful descriptions of the fun Christmas preparation activities you and Charles do. I wish you both a Merry Christmas holiday. God bless you.


    • Jing, I am so happy that you have had the experience of Christmas in America and that you can fully appreciate the significance of this wonderful of all days–the birth of Christ and the lovely customs that surround it. Jesus truly is the reason for the season.

  4. I just got the tree together and the lights on and working tonight too! I’m not sure I’d keep doing this if there weren’t the grandkid sleep-overs by the tree and lots of little ones popping in regularly. And yet, I love it all, especially putting on the homemade decorations from my own little ones, now in their 30s, made so long ago. I love the angel at the top made from a wooden clothes pin and a white pompom head. 🙂 Love traditions!

    • Kristi, what fun it was to read your comment. My ‘grands’ (except for the 11-year-old) are all grown now and about to make traditions of their own. But we have built some wonderful memories over the years and continue to share them each year.

  5. Heading to the tree now! Grateful for the wonderful new neighbors who blessed us yesterday by bringing us a tree. It wasn’t in our budget this year, and I was considering all the ways we could make one from free wood pallets. Now I’m a bit more excited about the decorating. Joy to you this Christmas 🙂

    • Laura, how great to hear you were blessed with a tree for Christmas. God is taking care of your every need and wish. How lovely! May you have a beautiful holiday season with your family. Jesus is the reason–for sure!

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