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  1. The steps of a righteous (person) man will be ordered by the Lord. Psalms 37: 23
    Karen, I believe you and Charles were at the place God lead you to because of His Great Love for you.

    • Mary, I’m glad you enjoyed my experience with the birds. God speaks to us in such simple yet amazing ways.

  2. Beautiful, Karen. I worked in an office that had a “room with a view”. There was a huge tree just outside the window on the second floor and we had a perfect view of a birds nest with baby birds all snuggles together.The babies seemed to always have their mouths open and we enjoyed watching the parents feed them. One day we had a terrible rain storm with lots of lightening. I think everyone in the whole unit rushed to the window to see if the babies were alright. We were in awe! The mother was sitting on top of the birds with her wings spread wide covering every one of her babies. She had her whole head facing the sky and the rain was pouring on her face. The water ran off her wings and none of it got on her babies. ~~ Just like God, covering His own with his wings protecting us from the storms of life~~IF we will let him.
    Thanks for a spirit lifter ! Margaret

    • Margaret, what a special ‘bird’ experience of your own. I love what you shared about the mother bird protecting her babies from the rain. A perfect analogy for how God keeps us under his wing.

  3. Someone asked me once where I got all my ideas for my blog and stories. I answered, “All truth is parallel.” For every natural truth, there is a equal and corresponding spiritual truth.” All I do is watch God’s creation and stories abound. This is how God talks to me in my writing. It’s awesome. I learn of His creation and can help others by relaying what I see and hear from God to my readers. You do this beautifully Karen. I enjoy reading your stories.

    • Thank you, Jim. Since Jesus taught us through ‘story’ I like to follow his lead. I’m happy to know you enjoy my stories, as I enjoy yours on your blog.

  4. Beautiful story, Karen. Thank you! I always need that reminder of keeping priorities straight. There is such a delicate balance between getting work done (in many cases, just to pay the bills), and spending time with loved ones. Thanks for the lovely way you remind us of what is important!

    • Thank you, Lynn. I really appreciate your kind comment and I’m happy to know my words blessed you.

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