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  1. Karen this story is not only humorous, but reminds us to make sure to take time with people that we care about. If we follow through on making the time to get together with people who are special to us, then we will never regret it when they are no longer here. Thank you for always inspiring your readers.

  2. I love it ! Love YOU too!
    I hope your daughter is doing well and you are back home all safe and secure, feeling loved~~because you are!!
    Hugs. Margaret

    • Thanks, Margaret. Yes, Julie is recovery well, but taking it easy for a few more weeks. It was a serious surgery.

    • Yep! I can still see the story unfolding when we ran into the other man at the S.C. Symphony!

    • You were correct. It was a funny scene in real life so I just had to turn it into a story for my book.

  3. Way funny. I admire Chuck though for jumping in even if he was wrong. Lol. His love of Christ showed through. Even at the hint of wrong doing, he jumped in AND cut the suggestion off at the pass. Lol.

    Maybe in honor of Chuck we can get a national club going for him.

    Have a great day.

  4. We really enjoy your blogs Karen, and appreciate you sharing them! I’ve bought several of my friends reaching the over 60 time of life, Age of Beauty, at the midlife time of our lives we forget so easy, that it’s a whole new blessing, I’ve read it at least three times, that way its a wonderful new blessing over and over again! Donna Poole sends her love too keep on keeping on you are an awesome gift from God, and we thank Him every night for you, sending love and hugs, Walter, and Cathy

    • You dear friends. Thank you for your kind words and loving thoughts and I thank Donna Poole, as well. You are ever in my heart. Much love, Karen

    • Thanks for your comment, Mary. I think we can all use a bit of humor from time to time. I hope you are well and living on grace, as I am.

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