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Lil pulled up to the ATM machine in front of the bank, jumped out of the car, and pressed the lock key on the driver door. It rebelled. She clicked it again. Same response. “What is going on?” she snapped. She slid back into the driver’s seat to figure out the cause. It didn’t take long. The answer was sticking out of the ignition. Lil had neglected to remove the key! She was so glad she had a car that didn’t let her lock herself out with the key still in the ignition!

She hooked her keychain to her purse for safekeeping and then hurried to the ATM machine. She slid her bankcard into the correct slot. A quick deposit, and then she’d be off to the next errand on her list. Lil looked at the list of options on the screen. She could do just about anything except deposit a check. Oh no! I don’t have time for more games. She moved to a different machine, slid the card into the slot, and typed in her code. The same options as before appeared on the screen. “What? My money isn’t good enough for you?” she muttered to the ATM.

Lil spotted a security guard standing to her left. She told him her problem.

“I’m not sure what to do about that,” he said. “I’m not a bank employee. I work for a security firm.”

Oh, rats! Lil hustled into the bank, the check for deposit in hand. As she waited her turn, she opened her purse to retrieve the bankcard so the transaction with the teller would be quick and smooth. No card! Was it still in the machine outside? She ran through the door mumbling about having lost her card in the ATM. The security guard assured her that cards were expelled automatically as soon as the patron pressed the necessary code. “This is crazy!” she said. “I had it a moment ago.”

The security guard pointed to her hand. “What’s that you’re holding?”

Lil looked down. Why, it was the misplaced bankcard, of course! Her face flushed as she thanked the guard and rushed back into the bank. She told the teller of her problem with the ATM screen.

Calmly the young woman looked at her. “May I see your card, please?”

Lil handed it over and let out a long sigh.

“Ma’am this is your charge card. For teller transactions inside or outside the bank, you need to use your ATM card—your debit card.”

Lil looked at the card and understood what she’d done. Clearly this was not going to be her best day. She finished the transaction and thanked the young woman. She sped out of the bank, head lowered as she passed the security guard, and headed for her car that, thankfully, opened with the click of the remote. Time for a nap in the sun! She’d had quite enough mess-ups for one day.

TRUE Confession:  I am ‘Lil.’ This happened to me just a few weeks ago!





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  1. Karen, this is so funny!! Like the time when I could not find my car when I came out of a department store. I KNEW I had parked under the only shade tree on the lot! I kept looking and looking, no car! I finally went back to the “tree” and said out loud to myself: ” I KNOW I parked RIGHT THERE ” ! and pointed my hand in that direction! As I pointed I saw the license MAYHEW !! I said,”OOPS” ! I had driven Herb’s car-not mine! THAT was when I was at least twenty years younger than I am now!!

    It is good that we can laugh at ourselves ! Thanks for a good one.

    Love, Margaret

    • Funny story, Margaret. Thanks so much for sharing your mishap. Now I don’t feel so embarrassed about mine!

  2. Hi Karen, you’re so lovely and brave by micro-examining your absent-mindedness from stress … your story makes me feel much better because sometimes I do those bending-backward absent-minded things, too … in Chinese there’s a saying for such events as “looking for the donkey you’re riding on.” (qi zhe mao lu zhao mao lu). Thanks, Karen, loved your writing as always. God bless you. Jing

    • Thanks, Jing. You’re much younger than I am so thanks for admitting that you make silly mistakes, as well.

  3. Sounds like the time I put cash on the counter to pay for a blouse in Mexico. The cashier just looked at me strangely. Wondering what was wrong, I glanced at what I’d put on the counter.
    Having just returned from a business trip to Japan, I’d placed yen on the counter to pay … didn’t quite work in Mexico. You’re not alone, Karen!

  4. Karen I sent my charge card through the drive-in instead of my bank card. I figure, I can laugh it off because of my age!

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