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  1. Karen, this is so funny!! Like the time when I could not find my car when I came out of a department store. I KNEW I had parked under the only shade tree on the lot! I kept looking and looking, no car! I finally went back to the “tree” and said out loud to myself: ” I KNOW I parked RIGHT THERE ” ! and pointed my hand in that direction! As I pointed I saw the license MAYHEW !! I said,”OOPS” ! I had driven Herb’s car-not mine! THAT was when I was at least twenty years younger than I am now!!

    It is good that we can laugh at ourselves ! Thanks for a good one.

    Love, Margaret

    • Funny story, Margaret. Thanks so much for sharing your mishap. Now I don’t feel so embarrassed about mine!

  2. Hi Karen, you’re so lovely and brave by micro-examining your absent-mindedness from stress … your story makes me feel much better because sometimes I do those bending-backward absent-minded things, too … in Chinese there’s a saying for such events as “looking for the donkey you’re riding on.” (qi zhe mao lu zhao mao lu). Thanks, Karen, loved your writing as always. God bless you. Jing

    • Thanks, Jing. You’re much younger than I am so thanks for admitting that you make silly mistakes, as well.

  3. Sounds like the time I put cash on the counter to pay for a blouse in Mexico. The cashier just looked at me strangely. Wondering what was wrong, I glanced at what I’d put on the counter.
    Having just returned from a business trip to Japan, I’d placed yen on the counter to pay … didn’t quite work in Mexico. You’re not alone, Karen!

  4. Karen I sent my charge card through the drive-in instead of my bank card. I figure, I can laugh it off because of my age!

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