Putting God First In Our New Year — 14 Comments

    • Thanks, Kristi. I agree. And a most Happy New Year to you too. We just returned from a beautiful holiday with our family members who live in OH and KY. However, it’s good to be home where it’s warm!!

  1. Our Lord has played a big roll in my life and will continue. I don’t ask him for anything, just blessings for my friends and family. I have everything that I need and have been blessed. I’m very active in the many ministries at my church.

    • What a wonderful testimony of God’s grace in your life, Judi. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Thanks, Margaret. We had a great time in KY with Charles’ family and with mine in OH over the holidays. We hope yours was a happy time too. We are glad to be back home where it’s warm!!

  2. Karen, this is simple and perfect!I too am focusing on health and consciously making God part of my daily routine, more than setting aside time to read the Bible and pray. Mornings used to be my best time, but I’m so foggy in the mornings anymore. This is one blog I want to print out and post wherr I can see it every day. Thank you for sharing your heart. Love you!

    • Thank you, Michele. I’m honored that you will print out my blog and refer to it often. You’re a treasure.

    • Thank you, Laura. I appreciate your support and I’m happy to hear your health is improving. Hope to see you at a writers’ lunch this year.

  3. This is amazing Karen! What a blessing, & reminder of what’s really important in life!!! Sending love, blessings & hugs. Walter, & Cathy Hopper, authors of Miracles in Red!

    • Thanks for your faithful support, Cathy. I thought of you and Walter this morning as I worked on a story I’m creating, out of one of the humorous events you’ve sent me to use in my next book. I treasure your friendship and prayers. You have mine, as well.

  4. Wonderful and wise “New Year Nudges.” I appreciate your concise little list with scriptures attached. Personally, I decided to drop the word exercise and now call it “Fabulous, Fun, Fitness” for 2014. Thanks a bunch! I just registered for the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference in April. See you there.

    • Nice to hear from you, Priscilla. Thanks for your kind comment. I look forward to seeing you at MH.

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